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23020002/04/2000232099610007Daimlerchrysler corporation is now offering internal emergency trunk releases for selection vehicles. *tt04/13/2000

Consumer Complaints

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 I have been having problems with my door locks for quite some time now. when i press the button to lock or unlock it will not work and it makes a loud noise.i have to unlock the doors by hand. i have checked with my mechanic and he tells me its probably the motor and it would have to be replaced in each door at about $150.00 each door. i bought my car new in 2000 i love the car but hate this problem.
 I have several rather expensive failing items on my car including recurring issues: had to replace the r/p steering at 65,000 miles steering rack had excessive play at the 'neutral' or straight position; the molding around all doors has pulled away from the body of the car; rear door locks need to be replaced due to electrical problem; left taillight gasket leaks has ruined interior of the car; plastic trim at the base of my windshield is flapping in the wind; replaced stabilizer bar ends; engine coolant outlet housing was replaced due to a leak from the vent fitting - and to date i have at least 3 more things we have to look at before i can sell this heep.*ak
 Chrysler concorde 2000 engine seized at 69000 miles too much money to repair timing belt/chain replaced at 55000 miles door locks replaced ignition switch replaced engine quit with family in car during 65 mph. *nm
 Door locks: consumer heard a noise coming form the front driver's side. the back door locked drivers side. consumer cannot open door manually, but it opens with the remote control. the front driver's side and passenger side will not unlock manually or with the remote control. *ak front driver's side door made noise, and rear driver's side door froze and could not be opened by remote or manually. consume rconsidered this a serious safety problem in case of a collision with injury passengers would not be able to exit vehicle. *ak
 The door locks tend not to unlock, making it difficult for the consumer to get out of vehicle. consumer notified the manufacturer. *ak the passenger had to slide across to the drivers side to exit the vehicle. attempts to open the door with the key and manual lock failed. lock was replaced. rear passenger had to slide across to the drivers side passenger door to exit the vehicle. the lock motor was replaced and a loud buzz noise came from the lock motor for a few days after installation. lock does not lock automatically. *tc
 2000 chrysler concord - in the past 3 years door relays (control locks and power windows) have failed 4 times in my car. the service advisor at a chrysler dealership knew the part and cost as soon as i started to describe my problem. she stated that this was a condition she was very familiar with. my private service center also was familiar with this failure. when these componets fail; power windos won't work and doors can't be electrically unlocked. i believe this condition presents a serious safety condition. if indeed there is a recognizable failure rate of these components the problem needs to be addressed. the possible results are that people stand to be trapped in crashed or burning vehicles.*ak
 Vehicle stopped running, after the check engine light came on. the engine had to be replaced.*ak the door lock was inoperative, the dealer believed it was an actuator problem. *jb
 Automatic door locks do not operate properly. when unlock lever is used, the locks do not unlock and the individual unlock buttom on each door must be pulled up. however, you cannot pull up these buttoms until the automatic unlock lever is first activated.this represents a safety hazzard because the rear doors cannot be opened by someone seated in the rear seats unless someone pushes the automatic unlock lever located on the front two doors. in addition, the front driver's door lock cannot be locked until the automatic door locking lever is first pushed to lock and then the door button must be pushed down manually. failure to follow these steps would enable an intruder to open the door from the outside.
 The front and back doors of the driver side had become inoperative. in order for the driver to get out of the vehicle, he/she would have to go through the passenger side door. *la *sc *jb
 Intermittently consumer heard a loud buzzing noise coming from inside of the rear driver's side door. consumer was unable to lock the door. dealership was notified, but could not resolve the problem. *ak
 Consumer stated automatic locks were stripped and consumer was unable to unlock door from inside of vehicle. *ak
 For about a year the right rear passenger door has had a loud squealing sound when it attempts to auto lock either by using the remote, internal button, or the speed sensor. by reading the other complaints on this site, i see that my problem is exactly the same as the others have discribed. additionally, the door cannot be unlocked unless you press the unlock button and then pull the lock up. this could be a very bad situation if someone were trapped inside after an accident.*ak
 Passenger door was repaired at no cost to the consumer, however it never worked correctly. the consumer decided not to get the recall work done, because the dealer informed him, the seat was broken underneath the seat and the part was not in stock and if the recall was done with the seat broken,the seat would stay in one position. the consumer was told the vehicle needed a tune, however the consumer disagreed that a tune- up was needed with such low mileage. *mr *ph *jb
 The power door locks were making a loud squealing noise when activated. then, the locks began failing one at a time until all 4 were replaced by dealer.*ak
 After only three years, the lock actuator on the drivers side went bad so that it does not automatically lock when i start driving and i cannot lock it using the remote or the switch on the drivers door. i would not have thought anything was out of the ordinary until i spoke to 3 friends of mine that also own 2000 chrysler products which they also have had to replace actuators in. this seems like an awful high rate of failure.
 Driver and front passenger electric door locks inoperative. drivers door lock failed last summer and now passengers door lock has failed. both made a loud, grinding noise during actuation just prior to complete failure. took to dealer who told me that this problem is prevalent with the concorde.
 A sensor within transmission malfunctioned, causing vehicle to completely shut down without warning.*akinput speed sensor was replaced, also the right rear door lock was inoperable, parts are on order. *jg
 It has now happened three times in the last four months; while driving on an interstate, my left foot will accidentally hit the hood release causing it to release; although the hood has not flown open to obstruct my view, it does force me to have to pull over in a potentially dangerous situation to re-secure the hood. i feel that hood release should be moved to a better location.
 Dt*: the contact stated the trunk fell down and hit the contact on the head. no injuries were sustained. the trunk fell down periodically. the dealership was aware of the problem.
 Trunk lid would not stay up when opened. unexpected injury could occur when the truck was opened. dealer was notified, and informed the consumer that this vehicle's trunk was not covered under a recall.*ak