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080100105/25/2001620059Subject regarding airbag / clock spring service for various models including 2002 model year jeep liberty. *tt07/10/2001
0800600REV12/29/2000080600618049Subject regarding wire splice repairs. *sb04/03/2001
19020003/03/2000610631Brief information regarding ignition lock cylinder service. *tt05/09/2000
08060002/25/2000609995This bulletin provides a revised wire splice procedure and related parts. *tt04/12/2000

Consumer Complaints

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 Tl. the contact owns a 2000 chrysler sebring. the contact stated while trying to start the vehicle the keys will not turn over in the ignition switch. the contact has been dealer with this issue sporadically for the last five years. the contact has not allowed the dealer to look at the ignition switch on the vehicle. the contact has been using home remedies to solve the ignition switch issue but the ignition switch still malfunctions. the contact stated this is a safety issue because the vehicle will not start and can leave you stranded on the road. the failure mileage was 40,000. jo
 I have a 2001 chrysler sebring convertible with exactly the same problem: the horn goes off whenever it wants to. the first time it completely burned out both of the horns, which i had to pay for to be replaced, since the vehicle was long out of warranty. of course, the horn always activated itself in the middle of the night. the chrysler dealer diagnosis revealed that the horn switch is somehow defective, something i figure out after banging on the pad during one scenario only to discover this caused the horn to turn off. the horn switch is designed as some sort of membrane and is non-conventional by any means. temperature expansion and contraction causes the two side of the switch to connect on their own. to add insult to injury, you can only replace the switch if you replace the entire airbag assembly, a part which is quite costly. so, instead of paying the over one grand repair cost for something that is obviously a manufacturing defect, i wired in a switch to the side dash fuse compartment in between the horn relay and the connector and mounted the switch in the center of the panel door. now, when i leave the vehicle, i simply throw the switch and my horn worries are over. a hassle? maybe, but at least i don
 I own a 2000 jxi conv,that i purchased in 2006 and my remote stopped working so i changed the battery and it still will not work after changing the battery. i had never noticed that there was an alarm on this car, there was never any flashing lights or anything. just all of a sudden when i went to enter my car the alarm went off, and with the remote not working i could not stop the alarm, even after starting the car, driving with lights flashing. now the alarm sets most of the time when i exit the car, but i cannot use the key in the drivers door, because it will nor un-arm the alarm, and if the alarm did not previously come on when i locked the car it come on when i try to unlock the car. i have to go to the passenger side door to unlock the doors. i tried to re-synchronize the remote with the car but with the remote buttons not working it did not work. there must be some type of electrical short in the car why it remote/ alarm will not work properly. also sometimes when i just put the key in the door without turning it will unlock the doors. now the trunk will not stay open when opened. when you think it will stay open it will fall down on you. *tr
 Brake failure, brakes felt soft and made a whistling noise. *bf the vehicle brake pads were replaced due to wear and the rotors were turned. the horns fuse blew when the cigarette light was used. *nm
 Dt: the contact owns a 2000 chrysler sebring convertible. the vehicle was purchased on 5-27-05. the dash lights did not work at night. one week later the battery went dead. the battery that was in the vehicle was the original battery from the factory. then, the brakes failed. in addition, while driving the serpentine belt broke ,and the engine will have to be replaced. she contacted the dealership, and they told her that they will get her an extended warranty for the vehicle even though she purchased it without an extended warranty. . they will not tell her what was wrong with the vehicle which was at the dealership. they did tell her that the engine was out. the consumer felt that the dealership did not do any safety checks. chrysler told her that it appeared that the car was never looked at the dealership. the dealership told her that if she did not want to keep the vehicle that they would replace the engine with one that was real cheap and resell the old one to someone else. they purchased an extended warranty in her name, and dealership indicated they needed to collaborate that she needed an extended warranty. *ak
 I am the not soo happy owner of a 2000 chrysler sebring jxi convertible. the latest problem with this poor excuse for reliable transportation is that now none of the 3 keys that came with the car are able to turn the lock cylinder even when all other prerequisites are enabled. aaa sent out a locksmith who provided me with a new key which must be used in conjuction with the origainal computer chip keys, but unfortunately this has not resolved the problem. the locksmith indicated to me that he is called out for this same problem for many chrysler models and advised me to check for a mfg recall, which i have not been able to determine if there is one for this problem. he also indicated that the problem is because of a defect in the lock cylinder. i hope this helps you in your efforts. thank you.