Consumer Complaints

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 We bought our 05 chrysler town & country in feb of '08. the dealership had to finish detailing it, so the next day they delivered it to me at work. that day my wife came and picked the van up from me and drove though town. she immediately noticed all the dash lights, air bag, check engine etc, flickering on the dash. when the lights would flicker, the radio also cut out and the seatbelt reminder ding would sound. she took it straight to the dealership who then put a code scanner on it, and said it was okay to drive, we needed to bring it back the next day when they had time. long story short, the first thing they replaced was the battery and said it was fixed. about a week later the new battery completely died, the van would not start unless it was jumped, we even put a battery charger on it for 8hrs. took it back to the dealership, this time they replaced the battery and the body control module. again, we were told it was fixed. from the moment we picked it up from dealership the check engine light stayed on. we called the dealership, they said bring it back tomorrow. we went the next day and again they said bring it back tomorrow. finally when they had time 2 days later, we took the van back up. after 45min or so they said the egr valve needed to be replaced, it was stuck open allowing too much oxygen into the fuel. but this time they were not going to pay to fix it. mind you had only had the van for not even 30 days. after a lot of fighting with both the service and the sales dept, they did fix and we didn't have to pay for it. here we are a month and a half later, and its doing the same thing again! now what, they fought us last time to fix it... *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chrysler town and country. the contact stated that the instrumental panel lights blink on and off intermittently. in both hot and cold weather, the instrument panel separates from the connectors on the display screen and the gauges move to the left of the screen. the contact also stated that the door locks do not work. the vehicle was taken to the dealer twice, but the failure still persists. the current and failure mileages were 35,598.
 2005 chrysler town and country with multiple problems. consumer states seat belt light does not illuminate when there are no seat belts on. passenger air bag light says off when the wheel chair is in the front passenger position. *kb the consumer stated the vehicle was modified to accommodate a wheelchair. the steering gear and egr valve were replaced. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated upon driving the vehicle late in the afternoon, the interior panel lights failed to illuminate properly under normal road conditions. the vehicle was taken to the dealer, who determined that the interior instrument panel lights worked properly but they were aware of other consumers having the same problem and suggested that the nhtsa should be contacted to file complaint on this matter. an odi id # of 10160170 can be used in comparison to this issue.
 Dt*: the contact stated all the gauges on the dash fail to work intermittently. the dealer was unable to duplicate the problem. also, the sliding door sensor failed to stop the door when it comes into contact with an obstruction. the dealer indicated the doors operated as designed.