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020030503/16/200510013699Rattle/knocking sound from the front suspension. *sc04/25/2005
020040505/27/200510016751Creaking/squawking sound from front strut area. *tt10/04/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Upon hearing a noise while driving, i checked under the car and noticed a lubrication seal was no longer performing its function. my local mechanic inspected the control arm and related ball joints and informed me the control system was good at this time, but the steering rack was leaking and would require replacement soon. since i only had about 64,000 miles on my 2005 town & country, i was surprised especially since i had not had this type of failure in the 40 plus years of car ownership, exceeding 100,000 miles on each car. rich in chrysler customer assistance informed me the town & country does not have an historical problem with the power steering rack & pinion; thus a recall to fix the problem is not necessary. all that is required to show the stance chrysler is taking is false is a simple internet search and a search on the nhtsa website. there are numerous complaints regarding this very serious problem. chrysler should have recalled all town & country
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chrysler town and country. while driving approximately 35 mph making left and right turns, he heard a metal rubbing and popping sound coming underneath the vehicle. the failure has not been diagnosed by the dealer. the current and failure mileages were 34000.
 We use our 2005 chrysler town & country for 2.5 years. we purchased the van used with roughly 25000 miles on it in july of 2006. we now have 77000 miles on it and now the front end makes a clanking noise while going over bumps and the is a whining grinding like sound underneath the hood close to the dash. it is worse with cold weather and when the stirring wheel is turned completely in either direction. i did an internet search and found a blog forum at townhall-talk.com. everyone one on this particular blog had t&c vans and had the same problem i have experienced and dealers have said the rack and pinion needing replacement for roughly$850.00 plus. i have not had the problem assessed (will be today). our warranty is expired and now we are having problems. sounds typical right? if chrysler t&c vans all seemed to have the same problem with the stirring system. i read about many different dealer saying that they replace many of those racks and the parts are on back order. if the parts are on back order that should be a sign that there is an issue across the board and there should be a recall. in these trying economic times people don't have money to spend on crappy made parts and chrysler cant afford anymore negative publicity either. something needs to be done! *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 chrysler town and country. in december of 2007, the contact heard a clicking noise while turning the vehicle at 35 mph. she took the vehicle to the dealer, but they did not make any repairs. she returned to the dealer in january of 2008, but the dealer still could not find any failure. most recently, the dealer stated that the power steering rack was leaking. the dealer recommended that she replace the power steering gear at the cost of approximately $800. the current mileage is 62,020 and failure mileage was approximately 55,000. updated 06/16/08 *bf
 Purchased 2005 town and country short wheel base in march of 2004. in february 2006, with less than 24,000 miles started hearing clunking noise in left front end and on cold start there was a squealing noise from engine. took to dealer, identified squealing noise as a leaking rack and pinion gear - said leak was inside since i saw no evidence outside - dealer replaced the rack and pinion under warranty - service writer stated they had similar problems on other t&cs. clunking noise attributed to worn front sway bar cushion - replaced under warranty. service writer said they had similar problems, and thought it was maybe a design flaw. will hold on to the paperwork. *jb
 Vibration and in brake petal and/ or steering wheel. when turning sharply to left makes a grinding noise also has a bumping feeling like something is loose. service department checked and had warped rotors and needed front disk brakes for the vibration, the grinding and the bumping noise was loose suspension sway links front brakes were replaced and rotors were resurfaced- i had to pay for the brake and rotor repair; the suspension loose sway bar links were replace listed was replaced front sway bar link and a link-sway eliminator. driver seat feels like it has lost its cushion sometimes feels like there is a hard knot of something in the tail bone area of the anatomy. the a/c vents are unable to adjust for cooling the front and side windows. the floor vents do not line up with the openings in the floor console causing any air to be moved toward the front and under the dash. was told the seat and a/c was all in normal operation. *nm
 Tl- the owns a 2005 chrysler town & country. the vehicle was being driven at 25 mph, the vehicle dotted to the right, and the contact lost control of the vehicle, it crash into three mail boxes . the vehicle was towed to the dealership, and the mechanic said the lower arm control broke and there was some body and suspension damage. the vehicle has not been repaired. at this time the chrysler manufacturer has not been notified. the failure and current mileage is 82,000...dwh
 Tl-the contact owns a 2005 chrysler town and country. while driving 40 miles per hour going over a rail road track, the contact stated the drivers side coil spring had broken. the contact spoke with the independent mechanic who advised the front coil spring had broken. the independent mechanic repaired the vehicle. the failure miles were 55060. the current miles were 55150. aa
 In november 2006, i began hearing a clunking noise from the front end. the mechanic told me that the tie rod end was broken. this failure was at 32,463 miles and cost me $170. in march 2007, i heard the same clunking noise from the front end. the mechanic told me that the sway bar links, sway bar bushings, and stabilizer control links were broken. this failure occurred at 38,347 miles and cost me $350. i heard the same clunking noise again in march 2008. the mechanic said that the sway bar bushings were broken again. fortunately, this was under warranty. this failure occurred at 55,214 miles. i heard the same clunking noise again in december 2008. the mechanic said that the sway bar links and stabilizer bar control links were broken again. this failure occurred at 67,579 miles and cost me $200. after this repair was made, i continued to hear the noise. the mechanic said that the sway bar bushings are broken again. my mechanic says that this is a common problem with 2005 town & country vehicles, and he does not understand why chrysler does not recall these parts. this is a continuous problem that is costing me a lot of money. the vehicle only has 68,000 miles on it, and my mechanic says that i can expect these front end problems to continue. he also says it is a safety issue as these failures can cause loss of control of the vehicle. i have a young child with me most of the time, and i am worried about our safety. *tr
 Hit bump in the road and the pulled to the right of the road were i was final able to stop, the right top strut plate broke, drove very slowly home called the dealer where purchased the van and they took out strut and the strut plate, the strut plate was complete rotted replaced with new strut plate. *tr
 2005 chrysler town & country, touring model. vehicle has numerous problems with front end suspension system. front brakes were replaced at 35k. tires were replaced at 33k because of wear on front tires. rotors were redone at 26k. sway bar links and bushings were replaced at 35k. also, a critical bolt on rear suspension was missing when vehicle was purchased. *tr
 Started hearing bumping noises from front end. took to repair shop. they replaced tie rod ends and swing arm bushings. noise reduced, but stil bumping on acceleration. returned, had to replace front top engine mount.*ak
 Driving through a parking lot and was waiting in a long line at a stop sign before heading out to the road when a horrible grinding, almost dragging sound occurred in the front of the vehicle. sounded as if something was caught and was being dragged under the front of the vehicle. drove 4 feet to move out of the traffic lane and the grinding did not stop. pulled over, stopped, looked under car; nothing. put vehicle in drive, grinding sound. had vehicle towed to dealership. the right front cv axle had broken. vehicle has 52,014 miles. had young children in car was doing under 10 miles an hour. *tr
 Purchased a 2005 jeep unlimited may 2005. august 2006 noticed a steering vibration at speeds of 53-55 mph. dealer said they tightened the stabilizer arm and that the vibration problem was due to tire cupping. they immediately went into rhetoric about proper tire rotation and sent me on my way. i took the jeep to a different mechanic that said the rack and pinion joint was leaking and the tire problem was do to poor alignment. i contacted the dealer service manager and relayed the new information. she said that chrysler recommends front end alignment every 12000 miles. the jeep has 15000 mile currently. the jeep has never been off road and has only been used to as from work. *nm
 1.) events: noticed a loud noise when turning sharply at slow speeds, and a different but locally the same noise, when braking hard. 2.) failure: hasn't failed yet because i am having the problem repaired at a cost of $800.00. vehicle has less then 50,000 miles. 3.)replace both upper and lower control arms,(they are one part so regardless of which fails, both have to be replaced doubling the cost to me). parts are available. after reviewing many entries on line from other owners of this vehicle, this seems to be a problem that is endemic to the model. chrysler refuses to assist with the service, stating that the vehicle is out of warranty. according to my repair tech, this is not a problem that should be left un-attended and could cause a serious accident at any speed. *jb
 I bought a 2005 chrysler town & country on june 29 , 2007 with 48,000 miles . i had a loud noise in the front end sounding like the struts were bottoming out on all bumps. the dealership contacted chrysler ref to the problem, the dealership was told to replace the stabilizer bushings,the dealership also stated that alot of 2005 town & country's had the same problem and tat the bushings were redesigned. chrysler refused to discuss this only stating that they could only discuss my vehicle only. still refusing to help in any way. *tr
 2005 chrysler town & country, touring model. vehicle has numerous problems with front end suspension system. front brakes were replaced at 35k. tires were replaced at 33k because of wear on front tires. rotors were redone at 26k. sway bar links and bushings were replaced at 35k. also, a critical bolt on rear suspension was missing when vehicle was purchased. *tr
 2005 chrysler town*country. consumer states fraudulent and inaccurate sale of vehicle *tgw the consumer stated the vehicle had a dead battery, because the alternator needed to be replaced. the air conditioner pulley, compressor, left hub assembly bearing needed to be replaced as well. *jb
 Summary: potential failure of emergency brake cable on 2005 chrysler town and country minivans due to incorrect routing of cable alongside rear suspension link. detail: i was doing some maintenance on our '05 t&c touring the other day when i noticed that the driver's side emergency brake cable is rubbing on one of the vertical rear suspension links. it has worn through the outer sheath of the cable, and the cable itself has been exposed. that cable is very, very stiff, and it looks like it was routed that way at the factory. i have no idea how i would re-route it to get it away from that suspension link. the problem appears to be a factory defect. anecdotal evidence in an inquiry at the chrysler minivan fan club website's forums would indicate other owners have encountered the same problem. you can view the thread without joining or becoming a member at http://forum.chryslerminivan.net/showthread.php?t=16879
 1-reported vibration in steering wheel between 20-50 mph [2-possible exhaust leak, i was getting sleepy after 20-30 min drive time, i use recycle mode on a/c due to having asthma [ 3-reported noise from the muffler/exhaust area[4- a/c compressor makes a laboring noise [5-vibration and a growling noise in rear suspension, axle or transmission[6-transmission seems to slip or jerk into and out of gear between 15-45 mph. service department could not duplicate any of my concerns but by the same token my mileage out was the same as my mileage in so i'm not sure it was even driven. three[3] days later i came in and ask for someone to drive with me and the technician was able to hear the noise before we had gone a mile, at that time he thought is was just a loose spare tire but when i came back that afternoon i was told it was the catalytic converter but there was not one in town and as soon as it came in it would be repaired. it was supposedly order on thursday jan 19,2006 and received on jan 26,2006. catalytic converter was replaced on jan 27,2006 as well as exhaust manifold gasket. [7-on this date i also reported on jan 26,2006, when i was braking to slow down to turn right the car engine surged forward and almost lost control of car-nothing was listed on the service copy as cause or what was tested for the engine surging when braking.[8-rear brakes have crystallized and need to be replaced at my cost. am getting other prices at this time. *nm