Coachmen Jimmy

Model Jimmy made by Coachmen got 1 recall. There was one recall concerning equipment .

Model 1976


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
77V001000COACHMEN INDUSTRIES, INC.from 05/01/1976 to 09/01/1976V (Vehicle)206601/04/1977MFRHIGH COUNTRY ALUMINUM PRODUCTS. LLC12/04/197710/12/1979
Defect SummaryOn the involved vehicles, the threaded studs which secure the l.p. tank mounting system could fail. consequently, the l.p. tank may drop to ground.
Consequence Summary
Corrective SummaryThe dealer, from whom the vehicle was purchased, will install two metal straps under the l.p. tank, securing them with bolts through the vehicle floor. this will be done without charge.
NotesVehicle description: motorhomes.system: l.p. gas; tank attachments.consequences of defect: the tank may rupture, and if an ignition source ispresent, a fire could start, resulting in vehicle damage and serious personalinjury.note: the l.p. tank shut off valve, known as the pol valve, should be closedand the vehicle should be immediately taken to an authorized dealer.