Consumer Complaints

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 Tl*the contact owns a 1997 dodge 1500. approximately three years ago, the dashboard began cracking in small squares. he had to glue the pieces back on the vehicle. the dealer advised him to call the dodge manufacturer for an approval number, but they refused. the current mileage was 189,000 and the failure mileage was unknown.
 Fragmented, broken, and cracked dashboard on 1997 dodge ram 1500, an acknowledged defective safety product, providing life threatening consequences, in the event of crash or accident. reported to dodge- chy-jeep denied recall status and declined to repair or replace because vehicle was out of warranty. denied appeal process-stated decision was final!
 My dashboard on my 1997 dodge ram x-cab has severely cracked. it happened right after i went out of warranty, as i am the original owner. the dealership wouldn't do anything for me. i understand this has happened to many people and should be a recall soon? *jb
 Check engine light illuminated, abs and brake lights are illuminated all the time, consumer states the problem is the sensor. *slc