Consumer Complaints

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 Sincere concern over the door lock function. when the unlock button is pressed, the buttons pop up at a very fast speed and protrude upward. concern: when passengers are resting their heads against the doors, and the unlock is pressed, the passengers are vulnerable to having their eye extensively damaged. no incident happened other than passenger's arm was injured by same action/lock. *jb
 A dodge caliber locked me out in the middle of nowhere with the vehicle running and the keys locked inside. this is an engineering defect. there is a computer which generates the lock signal and it should never do so without a driver as detected by the seat switch. this problem could be fixed with a line or two of code on the computer. it is possible for the car to lock out the driver who gets out to save his kids from a burning vehicle etc, so this is a safety hazard. a more common mishap would be the people with manual garage doors who get out to close the garage door, then the car locks itself with the keys in the car. no car should ever lock itself automatically without a driver as detected by the seat switch. *tr
 Front passenger door lock will not stay locked. the locks flip up and down and the door sometimes opens by itself...been to dealer 5 times.....they replaced mechanisms twice. once they never looked at it after having it all day and once they claimed nothing wrong with it...bought dodge caliber end june and had prob. immediately; can lock doors and return to car and driver lock is open or door popped ajar. *nm