Consumer Complaints

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 A small brass bushing fell on my right foot one day while driving. i picked it up and put it in the console cup holder. a few days later while accelerating onto the highway the gas pedal stuck and the engine revved. this has happened a few times since. i called chrysler to check if my caliber was covered under the gas pedal recall. i was told the recall only covered vehicles from a certain date range. my caliber was manufactured 2/06.
 When pumping gas i cannot allow it to 'fill up' because the gas will leak out instead of telling the handle to stop pumping gas as it normally should. i am aware that dodge durango had a recall on this very matter, yet the caliber has not. i have to keep track of how many gallons i put in so as not to let it over flow. am i the only owner of a dodge caliber having this issue with the fuel system/gasoline?