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220040610/04/200610021247Tire pressure monitor system information. *kb03/26/2007
080080602/17/200610019532Erroneous tire pressure monitoring dtc's on vehicles not equipped with tire pressure monitoring system. *tt03/24/2006
220010602/08/200610019528Tire pressure monitoring system (tpm) displays dashes -- when the spare tire is used. *tt03/24/2006
080090602/17/200610019531Tire pressure monitoring (tpm) sensor programming methods. *tt03/24/2006

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 2007 dodge caliber. consumer requests reimbursement for defective door recall. *smd the consumer stated on august 15, 2007, she took her vehicle to the dealer to have the regular maintenance performed and at that time, the dealer had the opportunity to check for recalls, but they didn't. on august 26, 2007, the consumer was involved in an accident, which resulted in the left rear passenger door being damaged, when the vehicle failed to stop after applying the brake. the consumer stated when she attempted to apply the brake, it kicked back and delayed her stopping. also, the vehicle was displaying a pull and the tires were wearing quickly.
 I started to notice a noise coming from the back end of the car. we took the car to chrsyler/dodge dealer & was told that we have to replace the following:rear hubs, the right & left lower control arms & replace the tires. we had just brought new tires in november 2010 for the winter & now they have to be replace again.chrysler is putting my life, my husband & mother's life line on the line. why is it that when they had the may 2007 recall,this problem was not included and why are they getting away with murder by putting our lives in jeopardy. i thought i purchased a car that would kept me safe. the estimated cost they quoted us $1800.00. chrysler/dodge should be ashame of themselves. is profit more important to them than our lives. the car is worthless & can't afford to trade it in either.
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 dodge caliber. while driving approximately 30 mph she applied pressure to the brake pedal and heard a squeaking noise. the failure recurred intermittently so the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the tie rod was replaced. approximately 6 months later the failure began to recur and the vehicle was taken to an independent repair shop where the brakes were repaired. the failure continued to recur. approximately 1 year later the vehicle was taken back to an independent repair shop where the brakes, tires, tie rod and ball joints were repaired. the failure continues. the failure mileage was 25,000 and the current mileage was 58,000. the vin was unavailable. sm.
 In april took car in for oil change and car making noises. repaired several warranty issues and also rotated and balanced tires. since then have had a vibration sound and thumping 2 dealers tell me tires are chopped and need replacing first time at around 15, 000 miles and now at 18,000. how can this be. did have suspension warranty work done in april. bought car in 7/07 with only 65 miles on it. i have read on several forums that other caliber owners are having these same issues. i have two children and do not feel safe driving them in the car. also, the noise vibration level is horrible and you cannot even hear anything other than that noise. *tr
 I bought a 2007 dodge caliber in dec 07. within a few months i started to hear and feel front end noise/vibration. this began under 10,000 miles. they have cut the front rotors ,replaced front strut and sway bar links, all of which did not resolve the real problem. dealer since , states that the problem is the tires (dunlop) because i did not rotate at the right mileage. i now have 26,000 miles and i won't buy new tires just yet. i have to live with the noise and vibration but chrysler has to live with the bad reputation that all these complaints is giving them. they will not help resolve this situation and i will never buy another chrysler product. why isn't any gov't agency getting involved? it's a
 I have my tires rotated on my car everytime i get my oil changed. recently, after an il change my tires started acting funny. i took it back in and the dealer told me my tires were bad. i take good care of my tires and have them balanced and rotated on a regular basis. they told me my tires are all coupling. i have less than 30, 000 miles and i do not believe i should be having to get new tires. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 dodge caliber. the vehicle has firestone tires, size p215/55/r18, and dot number vn0af31. while driving approximately 25 mph, the contact heard a noise coming from the tires. at 4,000 miles, the dealer and manufacturer were notified of the noise and advised him to call the tire manufacturer. the tire manufacturer was unable to assist unless they received a replacement order from the dealer. the dealer, who is no longer in business, refused to assist. the contact purchased four new tires in january of 2007; however, at 10,000 miles, the noise recurred and tread separation was visible on all 12 tires. the dealer was notified and inspected the alignment on the vehicle, but the noise continued. the dealer also stated that if the contact signed an agreement to release them from the matter, they would replace all four tires. the tires were replaced at no cost to the owner and the failure recurred at 8,000 miles. after receiving another diagnosis from a tire mechanic, the contact was informed that the camber suspension in the wheel area was inaccurate. they further stated that no adjustment could be made unless the frame was adjusted. the contact would have to pay $300 to make the adjustment; however, there was no guarantee that it would correct the failure. the manufacturer stated that they would not reimburse or assume any liability for the repair costs. the vehicle has not been repaired. the contact has twelve tires that have failed. the initial failure mileage was 6,000 and current mileage was 54,000.
 We've had this '07 dodge caliber since 9 of '07 and have had several problems to occur at about 2 months after purchase. the car stalls at low speed, we've had brake problems which when we first took it in to our dealer was told nothing was wrong with the brakes. upon several visits about noise coming from the front tires and while pressing the brakes they would putter after about 40mph, was told the wheel bearings needed to be replaced. since then we would still experience the noise till it got so bad, chrysler finally said - your rotors need changing. since we were over 20,000 miles we weren't covered by warranty. was told this was normal wear and tear. i could understand if these problems had just started, but they didn't. chrysler has said they cannot assist me with a refund nor would the senior staff agent give me his bosses name to complain further. i am very dissatisfied with chrysler. my mom is about 80 years old and purchased this car believing that the company was reliable and would stand behind any problems. we would like our money back or trade this vehicle in for a comparable amount. *tr
 Same problem with the tires on my 2007 dodge caliber se as everyone else...vibration and noise at road speeds. have taken to the dealer, verified that it is occurring on every se model w/ 15 inch dunlop tires. *tr
 About 3 weeks ago, my dodge caliber started to make an odd noise from the suspension and wheels. i took it in to the dealership and they said that there is nothing wrong with my car. after that, i did a google search and found out that there are a ton of people who are having the same issue that i am. *tr
 I purchased a 2007 dodge caliber se from jim cogdill dodge in knoxville tennessee on august 23rd, 2006. this vehicle has a vibration at 60-75 mph. i have had the car in the shop on three separate occasions and the service manager has told me he believes that it is the tires; however they are telling me that i would have to purchase new tires for this vehicle to fix the problem. i first reported this to the dealer on august 29th, and it was told to me that the tires were out of balance. after their attempt to balance them i then drove the vehicle and it still had a vibration. they then told me that they would order me a new tire (because they believed that one of them was bad). when the tire arrived i brought the vehicle back and they replaced the tire. this did not fix the problem so they started taking tires and rims off of other 2007 dodge caliber se that they had on the lot. this did not fix the problem either. on friday, september 1st i left the car with gary sergeant (the service manager at jim cogdill dodge) and he later called and told me that they were unable to fix the car because there was not an issue with it. he stated, this is a characteristic of this particular vehicle and the only thing that i could do was to upgrade to another model. he stated he drove three other dodge caliber se's and they all did the same thing. when i went back to the dealership they had me drive another se model and he was correct when he said they do the same thing. i then drove a sxt model and it did not. the only difference between them was the tires and rims (as far as drivablity is concerned). i ask him about upgrading tires and rims and they told me i would not be able to, i ask about upgrading to sxt model and they said i would have to eat the loss because my car is now considered used. the fact that the se model of caliber are all have this so called characteristic does not make it a legitimate reason for them not to fix the car. *nm
 I have a 2007 dodge caliber with 42,000 miles that i was told was a death trap!! several times i had to exit highways because i felt i was going to lose control of my car. i thought i was in need of tires. not only was i in need of tires but the ball joints were completely worn. i was told by my mechanic in no way should this happen with a car with only 42,000. he also informed me he has seen many calibers wth the same issue. the cost to replace the ball joints/arms and tires was $1,000. dodge needs to do something about this problem before someone is killed....issue a recall and refund to those who have had this problem!
 I had my car in with another complaint, the tire pressure gage was leaking. while they had it on the hoist, they told me the tires were wearing uneavenly due to damage to the tie rods. i only have 36,000. miles on my car and it is a little over three years old. i am trying to get with their paying for at least part of the $700. repair and cost of new tires.
 My son was driving about 15 mph and hit a small hole in the road and the right front tire side wall blew out. this is the second time this year. the first was with me driving the car and all i did was go off the side of the road and come back on and the side of the road wasn't that bad this was with the left front tire. today there was a van in front and had no problem after driving through the hole. the tires are firestone affinity touring t4 p215/60r17 95t m&s. i don't know how many may have been reported, but this happen to us and after two time and on the front with the original tires, the first ties had about 2,000 miles on it and this one has 5,565 on it. i think that you need to take a look at this tire. thanks, tom *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2007 dodge caliber. the vehicle came equipped with firestone firehawk gta-02 tires, size p215/55r18. all four of the tires are completely worn and the vehicle failed inspection. when depressing the brake pedal at any speed, the steering pulls to the right. the dealer stated that the steering torque was the cause of the failure. based on the tires, the dealer also stated that the suspension could be the possible cause of failure, and replacing the tires would correct the issue. the vehicle current mileage was 15,593 and failure mileage was 15,398. the tire failure mileage was 12,000.