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 I own a 2007 dodge caliber r/t witch i purchased new. after the first 4 months of owning this vehicle. i noticed that every bump i hit, the car would sway back and forth on the road and noticed the stability was not good at all, even though i have the stability system program feature. i proceeded to take it in to the dealer and have it looked at. they assured me that it was fine. i just needed tires. i replaced all 4 tires and still had the same problem. so i brought the car in again and they then replaced the sway bar links and struts. i still have the same problem so i brought it in again and the dealer said it was fine. it is not fine! it is very dangerous and hard to control on a road that is not perfectly paved especially in rainy weather and winter months this vehicle has very bad traction and could cause an accident if unable to control, which i am trying to prevent from happening. i have spoken to other dodge caliber owners and they seem to have the same problem. now i'm experiencing water running into my car every time i turn on the ac or heat and hot water running on my foot while driving whenever i turn a corner. i would greatly appreciate if this matter is investigated and resolved. thank you *tr