Consumer Complaints

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 I bought this vehicle used from ganley dodge in bedford ohio. we have driven this vehicle aprox 12000 miles and have replaced or serviced the rear brakes six times at two seperate dealers. the rear brakes have made a howling noise since the day it left the lot. chrysler has attempted to repair this problem six times to no avail. both dealers that have serviced the the caliber say that there is nothing that can be done to fix the problem, they also say it is cosmetic. after dealing with the dealers noncence i called chrysler directly, after a week of dealing with them they finnaly call me back to tell me that an engineer has stated that rear brakes making noise is a normal thing for this car to do. and that there is nothing they will do to fix the problem. i suppose this is what happens when you allow and american car company to be owned by an italian and german companies.