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SB-08-024-1009/22/201010034545Dodge: fuel gauge fluctuation. fuel gauge is not accurate or fluctuates at 3/4 of a tank or above. this bulletin involves replacing the fuel sending unit, clocking the fuel module and installing a fuel jumper hose. *pe12/03/2010

Consumer Complaints

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 While operating the 2008 dodge caliber 2.0l engine at approximately 45mph, the car instantly stopped without applying the brakes. then the car would go from 7mph to 50mph in a rapid acceleration and then back down to 7mph. this was rather dangerous as i was almost rear ended numerous times despite having my emergency signal flashing lights on as well as driving in the far right lane. the car also experienced excessive back firing and one loud explosion sounded as if it occurred in the catalytic converter directly underneath the car. i was lucky enough to find an auto parts store last night and was able to have the tech there use the odbii reader and it indicated the error p0132 which is the oxygen sensor as the failing unit. the failure of the oxygen sensor nearly resulted in an accident as the dodge caliber was almost impacted by other cars in traffic as the other cars were not prepared for the dodge caliber to rapidly decelerate from 45mph to 7mph. the part was replaced asap the next day with bosch part # 15124 and upon testing for 20 minutes the car operated without error. i called dodge to inquire about a recall or warranty work and they declined both. in regard to public safety, i request that a case be opened to investigate this situation and others like it. the desired outcome is to have dodge recall the o2 sensors as this type of failure can be catastrophic when traveling on the highway at higher speeds with traffic.
 I recently purchased this vehicle about three months ago with aircheck. little did i know i was buying a more defective car than i originally had. about a week ago my a/c goes to crap i ask the dealership to fix it and all he says is i know a guy that can fix it for you for alittle charge.and to top it off the a/c goes out on the hottest freaking day of the month. then my engine makes this ratteling noise my freaking radio doesnt accept cd's what kind of whole did i get my self into. and for this car to be a 4 cylinder it drinks gas as if it where a v8
 Complained on numerous occasions to the stone mountain dodge dealer that there was something wrong with my fuel gauge. it does not keep an accurate account of the fuel in my fuel tank. upon filling up my car on full with fuel, it would give an inaccurate reading right away. as soon as i drove out of the parking lot. i explained this to the dealer on a number of different occasions and each time i was told that there was a part that my car needed, and it was on order and would be in a couple of months. i would wait a couple of months, and return to the dealer, and at that time i was told the same story again, that this part would be ordered, but now, they could not find a manufacturer to get the part from, but that corporate knew about this. on various visits to the dealer service department, there was never a resolution, and finally i was told to contact their corporate customer service. upon contact to their corporate customer service, i was offered a deal for dodge to pay two of my car notes, and i had 30 days to accept. i did not accept that offer because that meant that there was still no resolution in fixing my car. when i purchased my car, it had approximately 18,000 miles on my car, and i was told that my car had been serviced and looked at by their mechanics, and everything was fine before driving it off the lot. two to three months later is when i noticed this problem, and i feel that the dodge dealer lied to me when i was told that everything was fine, and later again, when i was told on a consistent basis that a part was coming in and my car would be fixed. i do not feel that it is fair to me as a consumer that i am literally paying for something that is not true. i have consistently been lied to by their service people, and still no resolution to either fix my car, or to even give me another car for the same value of when i purchased my car.
 After purchasing my dodge caliber in february or 2008 i noticed the gas gauge was not consistently accurate. it took a total of 6 months for schaefer and strohminger to fix it. i called them afterwards to tell them it was better but not completely correct and they put me off several times. they said they would call the engineer and follow up with me. that never happened even after the ceo of the vehicle maintenance department told me i met the lemon law requirements. during this time the car began to hesitate from time to time when starting. i also asked them about that problem. they could not figure out the problem after having it in the shop twice. about a year later the car wouldn't start and left me stranded at work. it was towed to the nearest dealership. i called ahead to talk to the mechanic who knew exactly what my problem was because he'd had several others need to be replaced already in the caliber. it was the wireless control module. while still under warranty they replaced it. it's been a few months now and the car has hesitated while starting 4 times already. obviously there is a fault in the wireless control module unit they are using. finally, i'm taking it back to have them check the water in the driver's side tail light and wet carpet behind the driver's side seat. i'm very dissatisfied with this car and do not plan on buying from dodge or schaefer and strohminger again. *tr