Consumer Complaints

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 On 08/09/08 i took my vehicle to get checked; i had already been having problems with my brake light coming on at different times. at that moment the light was not on and the service rep told me that the light had to be on in order to check the vehicle even after i showed him a recent video on my phone showing the light flashing. on 08/12/08 i took the vehicle as the light was one, they asked me to bring it in on 08/14/08. i dropped of my vehicle on 08/14/08 and they found that the brake sensor needs to changed; so they placed the order and asked me to come in on 08/19/08 to have it replaced. due to tropical storm conditions on the 19th, i did not take my vehicle, we reschedule for 8/21/08. dropping off my vehicle on 08/21/08 they called me in the early afternoon that my vehicle was ready. the next day 08/22/08 the light turned on again; on 08/25 or 08/26 i called chrysler financial to complain; they told me i need to take my vehicle again when only the light is on. on 08/27 the light turned on and i went and spoke with the manager, he promised me a driver at 7:00am on 09/02 to bring me to work so i may leave me car; that promise was not fulfilled and my car finally went in on 09/05 as they now see it as a safety issue after i have been saying it in the beginning. i am waiting for the weekend to see if the light turns on again on my vehicle. i have had other instance about 3 months after purchase that the vehicle shut off 2 times! i took it to the service and their computer could not pick-up any codes and never found anything. i am very disappointed with maroone dodge of pembroke pines service. *tr