Consumer Complaints

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 My front seat makes annoying squeaks when traveling on road imperfections, pot holes and speed dumps at any speed. i noticed the sound when my car was in the mid 4,000 miles. also the brakes would squeak when i braked in reverse. my car is now 13,383 (six months late) and i've taken my car to two different dealerships and the seat still squeaks. they tightened both front seats and the tracks. they also replaced one of the tracks during another visit. each time i take my car in they say that they have solved the problem, but as soon i go over the speed bump while exiting the dealership, the seat still squeaks. i called the manager for the dealership which he was the one that had helped me. he is asking for a sixth visit to repair the squeaking noise, but i don't think that that's going to happen. i'm sure that a squeak may not be a big deal but if there is a sound then that means there is friction which over time will cause wear to the seat and may cause a failure to hold if in a collision. lastly, when idling at red lights or stop signs the rhythm of the engine randomly jerks/bogg as if it feels like it's about to die out.*tr