Consumer Complaints

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 My complaint is not focused on the auto manufacturer. it is directed toward the auto insurance industry, and in particular nationwide insurance based in columbus, oh. i was recently involved in an auto accident, and a nationwide client rear-ended my new 2008 dodge caliber. it was less then 1 week old at the time of the accident, and had fewer then 300 miles on it. nationwide promptly agreed to repair the vehicle by replacing the bumper. however, it has come to my attention that the company's policy is to replace the bumper with a refurbished part, or a part made by a company that may not be licensed or represent mopar, the parts company that supplies dodge replacement parts. i am very concerned not only about losing value for my brand new car, but also that my safety and the safety of my passengers could be potentially compromised by the use of possibly inferior products. i understand that there is a governing body for these types of parts known as capa, but i also understand that not every part is certified by capa, nor could i find a certified part listed for the rear bumper of a 2008 dodge caliber. this is simply not acceptable, and nationwide must replace my bumper (and any unseen damaged parts) with genuine mopar-supplied parts to restore my vehicle to its original, safe, operating condition as it was prior to the accident. the vehicle's engine hasn't even been fully broken-in yet. *tr
 The exhaust pipe protrudes too far from the rear of the vehicle making it possible for small children to receive injury when the vehicle is hot. a small child in our home received a second degree burn when walking around the vehicle to ask a question. in merely walking by, the child was able to come into contact with the vehicle's exhaust pipe causing a burn. *tr
 After purchasing my dodge caliber in february or 2008 i noticed the gas gauge was not consistently accurate. it took a total of 6 months for schaefer and strohminger to fix it. i called them afterwards to tell them it was better but not completely correct and they put me off several times. they said they would call the engineer and follow up with me. that never happened even after the ceo of the vehicle maintenance department told me i met the lemon law requirements. during this time the car began to hesitate from time to time when starting. i also asked them about that problem. they could not figure out the problem after having it in the shop twice. about a year later the car wouldn't start and left me stranded at work. it was towed to the nearest dealership. i called ahead to talk to the mechanic who knew exactly what my problem was because he'd had several others need to be replaced already in the caliber. it was the wireless control module. while still under warranty they replaced it. it's been a few months now and the car has hesitated while starting 4 times already. obviously there is a fault in the wireless control module unit they are using. finally, i'm taking it back to have them check the water in the driver's side tail light and wet carpet behind the driver's side seat. i'm very dissatisfied with this car and do not plan on buying from dodge or schaefer and strohminger again. *tr