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 I was in georgetown ontario on the weekend and got in my car to drive back to windsor on monday oct 8th. the tire pressure light came on but we had frost overnight and knew this was a normal change in tire pressures. i stopped at the gas station and put air in tires and made sure they were all the same pressure. the tire pressure warning light immediately went out. we drove for about an hour and the tire pressure light went on again. i stopped at the next service center on the 401 and checked the tires. i could see the right front valve stem was cracked. when i turned it, the air started to quickly exit the tire. i had my wife put her thumb on it while i got the jack out and installed the spare tire. i had to have the tpm sensor and valve stem replaced @ $150. reading on the internet, this seems to be a common problem. the service manager told me its due to corrosion and has had to replace some. he said chrysler has not come up with a solution to the problem on my model vehicle. this car only has 38,000 km and is just over three years old! the valve stem should not be cracking! this is a big safety hazard, if that stem had let loose when i was passing someone on the 401 in the left lane, i could have lost control of the vehicle. i am now worried about the other three valve stems. *tr
 Tl. the contact owns 2008 dodge caliber. the contact stated the vehicle does not come with a spare tire and a jack. the manufacturer informed the contact they do not provide a spare and jack for the vehicle. the vehicle suffered a flat tire and the contact was stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. the contact stated if a spare tire was provided the tire could have been changed. in the event of a flat tire the manufacturer provided a pump to inflate the tire but the contact stated the it's very dangerous to be on the side of the road without a spare tire with vehicle passing by at high speeds. the contact stated the manufacturer should provide a spare tire for the vehicle. the failure mileage was 37,000. jo
 I took my caliber in for some warranty work. they found the left strut was bad. they ordered the part. i went back in the next week for the strut and alignment. while they were driving back from the alignment place, they had an accident in my car. they fixed it. i have since then brought it back to a roar in the car. they told me my tires were bad. i asked if it could be because of the alignment was out and they said no. i asked if it could be because of the accident, again no. who in their right mind would align a car with bad tires. they have made no deal for me in this matter. the tires did not go bad in a matter of a week. *tr
 I bought a used 2008 dodge caliber with 14,100 miles on it. the tires weren't right from the night i brought it home. i called and complained, the dealership said that they put new brakes on it and to give it a few days to see if it would get better. it did not, i still had a pulsing or thumping noise in the front end. i took it back, they said nothing was wrong with it. i asked about the tires and i was told the tires passed inspection. i took my car to a friend who rotated and balanced the tires, and was told i had a bad tire, it wasn't round or something like that. the bad tire then went on the back passenger side. i then called the dealership and told them what i did, they were angry and said nothing was mechanically wrong with the car and again the tires had passed inspection. after much arguing they agreed to either put on 4 new tires at half the cost to me or put on another used tire. i chose to have another used tire put on. the car now pulses or thumps on the front passenger side. i didn't get 5 miles up the road and it started all over again. the service manager told me that calibers are known for chopping tires and if i got new tires to make sure they are rotated without fail every 6k miles. i didn't even call the dealership back about the noise. i sent in a form complaining that the noise was not resolved. they were horrible to even talk to, they said tires were not under warranty and the 1/2 off the tires was a one time offer. i like my car but i can't stand the thumping noise the tires make. if the car is known to do this why isn't something being done to correct it?? because i bought this car at a rock bottom price i can't expect to have new tires on the car and i have to basically live with it i was told so that is why i am complaining. i paid a little over $10000. for this car and it is new to me, i still have the balance of the factory warranty left on the car. it's a nice car to me and it is a lot of money to me. i just wanted someone to know. *tr
 On 09/19/2008, my very first state inspection on my brand new vehicle, i was denied a window sticker, and was told that it was because three of my tires had a slight bubble on the sidewall of each. these are the original tires that came with the vehicle that i purchased on 02/29/2008. so i called good year and they told me to take it to a service dealer for inspection of them. i did. the tire company told me that the tires are radial tires, and they normally do have that slight little bulge on them. my position is what do i really know i am being pushed back and forth between the two. maybe the tire company do not want to give new tires, and maybe the inspection station wants to defraud me as he has so many other customers. how do i really know if the tires are defective. take it to a independent tire company? if i could afford the cost i would because safety is more important. but i don't have the cash to do that. i've searched your data base, and found a recall very close to the type as mine but it is not the exact number tire. so is it really true that radial tires have a natural slight bubble on the sidewall. *tr
 Checking tire pressure tmps broke - filed by jiffy lube
 The tire pressure sensor broke on my dodge caliber. the dealership wants to charge me close to $200 for this. i think its ridiculous for how poorly they were made. this item should be recalled with all the discussions online about them.
 Front left tire pressure dropped to 25 psi in early december 2010. car is equipped with factory tire pressure monitoring system which provides numeric pressure for all 4 tires plus an amber warning light if pressure drops below safe levels. assumed pressure drop was due to low air temperature - approx. 20 degf. added air to all 4 tires the next day, front left was found to be 25 psi confirmed with a hand-held mechanical gauge, remaining 3 tires were 30-31 psi. filled all tires to 32-33 psi (factory placard specifies 32 psi cold) over the course of 2 days the front left tire pressure again dropped. tpm showed 28 psi at front left tire, 32-33 psi in remaining tires. refilled front left to 34 psi. removed front left tire and inspected for leaks using soapy water. no leaks found. reinstalled front left tire. over 2 weeks, pressure dropped to low 20's psi on front left tire. refilled to 34-35 psi each time. after the final refill, pressure dropped to 19 psi over a 12 hour period. drove car to service station and valve stem snapped near the base of the threads while adding air. resulted in immediate tire deflation. center check valve came out with it. will retain all pieces for inspection upon request, plus plastic valve stem cap. all parts are oem. valve stem is part of the tire pressure monitor sensor assembly which is a common part for most jeep dodge chrysler vehicles. have read numerous complaints about this same failure. suspected root cause was using metallic valve caps that could cause corrosion, however, suspect valve cap on my car is plastic as shipped from the factory.
 Tl*the contact owns a 2008 dodge caliber. the vehicle has firestone affinity tires. while driving 8 mph, the front passenger side tire failed. the contact slightly struck the curb and the sidewall of the tire failed. the tire size and dot number were unknown. the vehicle current mileage was 8,410 and failure mileage was 4,300. the tire failure mileage was 4,300.