Consumer Complaints

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 As you start to drive the transimission begins to make a loud whinning noise as you speed up it got higher pitched. took to dealer 10/12/12 after paying $112 for them to tell me the transmission was bad and needed replaced. the cost of that was going to be $3700 and there was no assistants by dealership. informed me that it is a problem with cvt trans because it is unservicable. took to local trans shop paid $3200 for a remanufactured, was suggested that we get rid of car because they feel it will happen again. worst warr. ever an trans of 18month 18,000 mile. called dodge directly and the declined to help in anyway told me that there is no problem listed with these cars or trans.
 2008 dodge caliber. while driving at 60 mph the battery charging light came on. next day took car to auto store to have battery tested and they replaced the battery. next morning at 2:00 am while driving my husband to work, all lights on panel started coming on one at a time and car lost power and we coasted to the side of the freeway. the car is at the shop today and mechanics are trying to figure out what happened. they noted the battery was bad, but i just had a new battery put in and they stated the started was not bad. what is wrong so i can get it fixed. also change oil light always comes on even when i have just had the oil changed; which i do every 3,000 miles. the current mileage on vehicle is 57,000 miles.
 My fiancee and i got into the car and after i started it, it wouldn't shift out of park. luckily we were close to home and i had internet on my phone so i could look up how to manually override the issue. if there's a manual override, it seems like they knew it would/could happen. my fiancee is disabled, if she had been driving the car (it is her car) and got stuck out in this 100 degree heat wave, she wouldn't have known what to do or have even been able to do it had she known what to do. i'm irritated because my research shows that this is a very common dodge issue amongst many different models yet they have only issued recalls on certain models. i did call dodge hq to find out if this model had a recall for this issue and obviously it hasn't. the drone just did their job of getting the information they needed. i can't stress this part enough, if they provide an override, they know there is an issue!
 I have 2 2008 vehicles the first one is a dodge avenger and the 2nd one is a caliber. i bought both of these cars from the same delalership new. i have issues with the tire persure sensors in all the tires. they are coroding causeing the tire pressure to drop, are they any current issues or recalls on these type of devices
 I recently purchased this vehicle about three months ago with aircheck. little did i know i was buying a more defective car than i originally had. about a week ago my a/c goes to crap i ask the dealership to fix it and all he says is i know a guy that can fix it for you for alittle charge.and to top it off the a/c goes out on the hottest freaking day of the month. then my engine makes this ratteling noise my freaking radio doesnt accept cd's what kind of whole did i get my self into. and for this car to be a 4 cylinder it drinks gas as if it where a v8
 When turning over the key to start the vehicle, nothing would happen. turning back the key and trying again would typically result in the car starting. after 2-3 months of this intermittent behavior, the vehicle also began to act as if the key was in the ignition after it was removed (it would ding when the door was opened and not allow me to lock my doors).
 08 dodge calliber se. just riding down the road . fuel throttle conroll moduel light comes on and car quits running while your driving. i was on interstate. happened several times. chrysler said it could be a fluke to keep driving it. someone gonna get hurt.. luckly i was in a lane,where i could just roll into emergeny lane.
 The etc (electronic throttle control) indicator started flashing and then my car would not accelerate. i was at 3 rpms and couldnt go over 10mph. it only happened occasionally at first and then it became more frequent. i was getting on the on ramp of a highway when it started flashing and then my car completely shut off. luckily the cars behind had enough shoulder to swerve around me preventing a accident. i couldnt start my car right away i had to wait about 3 min. as soon as i restarted it everything went back to normal. this happened 2 more times and i took it to a mechanic. he replaced the etc chip and that didnt work so he replaced the etc body. that didnt work either so he sent it to a dealership. they replaced the whole etc...$900 later that problem seems to be fine. i find a car shutting down whenever it chooses very dangerous and i have researched it and seen many people have had the same issue. mostly in 07' models but also 08's. something needs to be done before someone is injured.