Consumer Complaints

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 My van is a 2005 and has had 4 sets of belts. they squeal. no one seems to be able to repair the problem. it now needs another set for a total of 5 sets. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated two rental hanicapp accessible vehicles were received in poor conditions from an independant rental company. the wheelchair accessible ramp completely detached from the vehicle while in use. there were no injuries occurred. the fire department and police were called ensure the safety of the occupants. the vehicles were returned to the rental company and another vehicle was provided. the replacement vehicle showed signs of brake problems; squeaking was heard while applying the brakes. the vehicle was returned to rental company. on another occasion, a hanicapp accessible vehicle was rented from the same company in another state which had oil in the enigine. the contact expressed that the company does not maintain or inspect the rental vehicles provided.
 In june, 2005 i purchased a 2005 dodge caravan sxt. in doing so, i traded in a 1999 dodge caravan se. i did not notice until about 2 weeks ago, that the instruments (left & right outside mirror controls, head light switch, and dome light switch) on the left side of the steering column did not illuminate when the head lights are turned on. after taking the vehicle to the vendor from which the vehicle was purchased, i was told that the 2005 caravan did not illuminate the instruments on the left of the steering column. my 1999 caravan did. by not illuminating the instruments on the left of the steering, in my opinion, creates a safety hazard. if the need for an adjustment to the left or right outside rear view mirrors, or the dome light control needs adjusting at night, the instruments for doing this can not be seen, which will create a safety hazard. it is suggested that chrysler corp. recall the 2005 caravans and install an illumination light in the dash behind the aforementioned instruments. you attention to this safety defect will be greatly appreciated. *jb
 Consumer developed nausea, skin rash and respiratory distress with the suspicions that these symptoms were coming from the 2005 dodge caravan.*mr responded on 4-29-05 aae 10117170 the consumer believes that a product was used inside the vehicle prior to it being delivered to the consumer. the consumer had an independent laboratory conduct tests on he vehicle and concluded that a hazardous chemical called hexane was present. *nm
 Dodge caravan 2005, unusual chemicals used during the preparation for delivery. *bf the consumer began to experience nausea, skin rash and severe respiratory distress. *jb