Dodge Caravan Cargo Van

Model Caravan Cargo Van made by Dodge got 1 consumer complain. Consumer complaints with reference to electrical system. .

Model 2007

Consumer Complaints

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 I boght a dodge caravan in june of 2007. in november it died while i was driving it. it wasn't while i was starting or stopping, it was while driveing. all the electrics go out, the window where the gear and milage lights stay on. there is no sputtering, stalling, just simply dies.i have to put in in nuetral, while stearing (no power) and restart it. i have had it at the dealer 3 times, it has done this 4 time, and the dealer cannot duplicate the problem. i had a chrysler engieneer out to chaeck it and they could also not duplicate the problem. so now they tell me i have to wait for it to die more often and maybe they can find a problem. *cn

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