Dodge D150 1998

Model D150 made in 1998 by Dodge got 2 consumer complains. Consumer complaints with reference, among others things, to power train, vehicle speed control.

Model 1998

Consumer Complaints

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 When approaching a hill or attempting to pass at highway speeds (75 to 85mph) either with cruise on or off the truck will down shift from overdrive to low gear.(suddenly bringing you to a hault!) it will then cause the engine to overdrive. then the truck will stay either in low gear or 2nd gear until you shut the key off and restart or by putting it into neutral then back into drive and letting it coast for a bit. this is very dangerous! i have been almost smashed into several times! this transmission has been rebuilt and the problem has been with it since rebuilding. there is only 4000 miles on the rebuild! i have brought it back over ten times for this problem but it will never leave a code! i have now been told there is nothing they can do with it! the reason the first tranny went out is because the park control rod broke and fell into the guts of the tranny and virtually destroyed it!
 The vehicle experienced sudden acceleration. *jb