Consumer Complaints

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 Every door lock in the vehicle has failed causing the inability to open the door manually. the lock system fails in the locked position and remains stuck in the locked position causing the inability to open the door from the inside or outside. if you do a google search you will note that there are 100's of postings on this problem. i feel this is unacceptable from a safety stand point to not be able to open a door due to a faulty power lock.
 2000 dodge durango door locks are not working properly. the rear passenger door lock will not respond to the commands. i have read about numerous complaints about the door locks and it concerns me if we were in an accident if the doors will stay shut, or worse unable for anyone to access that door. it seems to be a problem in all years of cars. i understand it is a plastic wheel poorly designed. i am having problems with 2 door locks and the rear hatch. currently, we are faced with an electrical drain on the battery. it is a new battery and still will not start. i have my suspicions that these door locks may have a bearing. please look into the matter as it is a definite flaw and a safety hazard. the rear hatch has not worked in about 3 years and the passenger rear about 2 years and the drivers door makes noises about 3 years. *tr
 Driver and passenger electric door lock failures. *tr
 The power locks won't work and the power windows won't work. it's a huge problem with the dodge durango. if you ever get into a car wreck you will never be able to get out. it is also at risk for theft. *tr
 Door locks failing to unlock. *tr
 An automatic door lock of our 2000 dodge durango does not unlock one door when the front control is activated. the lock has to be manually lifted. if the front control is not used to unlock the whole car, the one defective lock cannot be unlocked manually. this is a safety hazard. this is the second activator that has gone bad on this car. the first was the front driver's side and the current defective lock is the right rear passenger door. *jb
 Loud grinding noise in electric door locks. can only manually lock/unlock the door. had one replaced at $250 and another is beginning to fail. child was able to open the door before the vehicle was at a stop. rear hatch lock flutters and locks/unlocks by itself even after vehicle is turned off and key out of ignition. *nm
 Door locks on 2000 durango buzzing when you unlock the doors then not opening at all even manually. which i bieleve could be a serios saftey issue if there was a problem.*ak
 The driver and passenger door locks became stuck, the locks were replaced twice. *jb *mr
 2000 dodge durango. the front door will not lock at all. it can't even be locked manually or with the key. the back drivers side door lock does not work. the motor quit working. this is not only dangerous, but the vehicle could be stolen or the contents. this is a problem with durangos. there are many complaint sights on the internet with the same complaint over and over. this must be a recall. my dodge van has the same problem. it happened at around 57,000 miles. *tr
 2000 dodge durango. the drivers side back door lock motor broke. the vehicle had approx. 57,000 miles on it. at 60,000 miles the front door will not lock at all. this is a huge problem. can't leave anything in the vehicle. it could get stolen and worst of all i could get car jacked because the door won't lock. this is a huge problem with durangos. there are complaints all over the internet. and that is only people who take the time to complain. i also have a dodge conversion van with the same problem. my friend has a dodge van also and his locks are broken too. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2000 dodge durango. the driver side windows would not roll up or down. in addition, the remote would not open and lock the doors. she was unable to drive the vehicle due to several hazards. the dealer and manufacturer stated that nothing could be done because they had never heard or seen that type of failure. through online research, the contact discovered more information regarding the defect. daimler chrysler advised her to call nhtsa and file a complaint. the failure and current mileages were 39,000. updated 02-19-08 *bf
 On my dodge durango. i have around 60,000 miles on it. i take really good care of my car. my existing problem is my passenger side electrical lock. i have to manually open it every time, lock does not work and my back right hand window does not open. i had to replace the lock on my passenger side once at the dealership, it worked for a couple of months then went out again, plus as they were fixing the problem they left screw driver prints on my door, which really upset me. *jb
 A few weeks ago, it started with the door ajar light, and gate open light coming on when nothing was open. a lot of ice build up (bad seals) made the driver door difficult to latch. a week ago we were driving and all of the locks started unlocking repeatedly. now we can't even lock our truck, it unlocks itself. it does this whether the vehicle is on or not. it also turns on the interior lights. the switches do not work to lock the doors. we have to remove the fuse (which also controls the wipers, bad idea) to stop the locks from unlocking. also, it arms the security system ( i think)and makes it so the truck shuts off on it's own. i feel extremely unsafe now that i my vehicle unlocks itself and shuts off. last night we came out to the parking lot to discover it unlocked and the interior lights were turning on and off the whole time. i have to take my 3 year old in this vehicle. i know that this is a problem with a lot of durangos and chrysler better do something about it now! this is a huge safety issue, and i can't believe it's being ignored. *jb
 Vehicle kept flooding out and would not start over a month period in october of 2005. taken to a garage to be fixed. the computer showed no problem. after getting it started vehicle would be taken home and same problem repeated itself. after 3 trip to garage for same problem the vehicles pcm(engine control computer) has been replaced. dealer advised that vehicle was 7000 miles over the 80000 mile warranty on that particular part. this vehicle has had problem after problem. from exhaust problems to timing chain assemblers failure to power door locks going out. i can not believe that chrylser was not aware of some of the problems in the 200 dodge durango. *jb
 I have had to take my 2000 durango in 3 times to have the locks repaired. all 3 have made loud noises when trying to lock once the vehicle is in motion. two of the locks were so bad that you couldn't open the door. i am just waiting for the fourth one to go out.*jb
 In 2004 i took my vehicle to my mechanic to check my front drivers door lock and right back passenger door locks. they are making loud screeching noises when they try to lock or unlock. he told me he contacted dodge and it was very expensive to repair, but what surprised me most eas that the dealer he spoke to was well aware iof the problem and not surprised to hear of the problem. due to the cost the doors were not repaired. now all doors except the back left passenger door screech loudly and either do not lock at all or stay locked. when i brought my vehicle in to have a recall on the ball joints repairs they told me my doors weren't the worst they had heard and they would get worse. i don't understand how dealers can know this problem exists and nothing be done by dodege to fix the door locks. it's really sad that at anytime someone can just open my car and even worse, i have 2 small children in my car with me all the time and if we ever had an emergency, they could either be locked in the car or they could fall out since some doors don't lock at all.
 Door lock on drivers door failed, has been replaced 2 times.
 The power door locks on the consumer's 2000 dodge durango failed. *nm the only door that locks in the vehicle is the passenger side rear. the consumer contacted the manufacturer but they refused to provide any assistance because the vehicle was out of warranty. *nm
 Front automatic door locks make loud noise when locking and unlocking. on some occasions, door locks do not lock when driving vehicle at and beyond the 15 mph. will try to lock (evident with the noise), but will not lock when checked. *nm
 Have had failure on both front and rear door power lock mechanism on my 2000 dodge durango. *jb
 Door makes loud noise when locking, and dosen't unlock by remote have to unlock door for passenger to get in, also when aouto lock engages make realy loud noise, took durango in while and was told that the regulator was out. this seems like its a defect in workmanship or the parts that controle the locking machanism, notices other durangos haveing the same problem must be recalled , and i have less than 40k miles on durango so its not from prolong use its a defect!*ak
 I have a 200 dodge durango, i;d had this vehicle for a year now i recently had a lot of problems with this vehcicle the maste swicth to the window doesn't work. the window gets stuck and it comes up and when it wants to. i was looking through the compliants on this vehcile and others car had the same problem. also now the door locks are not unlocking also. i was wondering if it is a manufactor problem?
 Winding sound in steering when tuning wheel,horible sound while turning wheels and backing up,door locks are in locked position (can't open to get out of car and loud sound going off when door locks are supposed to self lock at 25 mph)bought car in 2001, after 6 mo took car to dearership to report problems while still under warranty and they said nothing was wrong. still have paperwork to show of the complaints.i have 3 small grandchildren i take care of and transport in the vehicle. hope you people do something about this before someone dies or you will really be out of pocket. i have less that 60,000 miles on suv so this can't be due to wear and tear. ( i marked oem yes if that pertains to original parts on suv). *ak
 Vehicle was having problems with the two back door locks. the door locks were replaced twice. but every time the locks were replaced the doors still were unable to lock.* replaced latches. *ak
 Ball joint failure on passenger side. the upper control arms, along with the ball joints have been replaced 3 times in the first 24 months of operation.*ak
 Door locks keep locking and unlocking themselves. this is a hazzard since it does this while driving. it even does it when i'm not driving. i've already have had someone try to brake in. i'm going to guess that they heard the door locks go up and down. *ak 2 dodge dealerships that i've checked with say they have no clue.
 Passenger side upper ball joint bad at 37,000 miles. could feel something wrong through the steering wheel and made several visits to dodge dealer and non-dodge dealer and all said nothing was wrong. finally insisted the dealer where the vehicle was purchased put it on the front end machine and take a look. problem was easily discovered by the mechanic prior to making it to the machine. also replaced drivers side automatic door lock assembly twice in two months. *ak
 Both rear door lock motors have gone out causing horrible screeching noise and doors to not unlock.*ak
 Upper ball joints failed on vechile.*ak
 When attempting to unlock the front doors consumer was unable to unlock the doors due to electric lock failure. *ak
 The ball joints wore out prematurely. sometimes, the steering wheel jerked out of the driver's hand, and there was a clanking noise in the front end. also, power door locks worked intermittently.*ak *la
 Automatic door lock mechanism failure. i have had two auto lock mechanism failures on my 2000 durango. i believe this is an important safety issue - i can not open the door - in an emergency this could be critical.*ak
 Front upper ball joint failure drivers side. front power door lock drivers side. *cb
 Power locks-i have had problems with the power locks on my vehicle since i purchased the vehicle. every year since 2000, the vehicle has to be taken in because the power locks start making a noise when the doors lock automatically or when you lock the doors using the button. i just had the locks fixed again about two months ago and now the locks are making the same noise again. luckily i have all my service receipts and i am hoping the dealership here in alabama will fix my vehicle locks free of charge since it has been an ongoing problem. zkm. *ak
 Front left axel collapsed while driving with my 3 children. car lost control due to lack of steering ability. right front axel needed to be replaced 5 months later
 Just bought a used 2000 dodge durango slt. the power locks only work on 3 out of 5 doors properly. when i use the power locks they let out a high pitched grinding noise. i am afraid my kids may become locked inside the car and be unable to get out due to the problem with the power locks. *nlm
 The battery was replaced by the dealer on three different occasions, the transmission was replaced last year, and there was a problem with the door lock system. *jb
 The door locks are electrical and will lock intermittenly. ts
 Latches are inoperative. unable to open doors from inside. infant got locked in vehicle.*ak
 Upper ball joints failed on vechile.*ak
 My mother in law was lifting the back hatch of her 2000 dodge durango. it was lifted about 3 inches, and i was attempting to help her lift it, when it slipped out of her hand and slammed shut on my right hand first two fingers. it was pulled shut very forcefully by some sort of spring- like mechanism. my fingers were latched into the door when it closed, resulting in injury. fortunately, they were not broken at the dip, but could have easily been. what resulted was a flap type lesion, that resulted in about a one inch gash in my index finger, which will leave a very distinct scar. i think that those spring mechanisms should not be in the rear doors.