Consumer Complaints

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 It appears in warm weather, the signaling system malfunctions. they will not function for left or right signals and hazard lights do not operate. when you placed the signal on it clicks very quickly and sounds as if something is frying, then it shuts off. when you try the signal again, it does not work at all. *tr
 I purchased a brand new 2007 dodge durango on 9/21/07 from hatch motor company in snowflake, az. i had this vehicle for 1 1/2 weeks when it started giving me problems and i reported it to the company and they told me to bring it in. the gas gauge, hazard lights, signal lights, high and low beam lights went out. when i took the vehicle in, they checked it and they said it was the cluster box and they had to order a new one. i asked them if they could provide me with a rental because the truck was hazardous to drive home. they told me that they could not provide me one unless i purchased the chrysler contract or unless i paid for one. i did not have any money at the time because i had to make a down payment for the vehicle. i explained my situation to them and they still would not provide one for me. this was suppose to be a brand new vehicle. i had to drive my truck back home which is over 250 miles in the dark with my three children. they would not help me in any way. i thought i would report this to you due to the serious hazard and they let me drive it home. *tr