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 I have a 2007 dodge durango limited that i purchased new 07/28/07from kari dodge chrysler jeep, 1177 us hwy 2 e, kalispell, mt 59901. it is still under warranty; this will expire 07/28/10. since about march 1st, 2010 it has been stalling and lunging at low speeds; which my husband and i thought was condensation in the gas line, but it finally died on the oncoming lane of traffic 03/16/10. so i call kari dodge 03/17/10 and reported the problem. i brought it into kari dodge 03/18/10 and they claim the fixed the problem, so i picked it up and drove it through the weekend. on 03/22/10 i called kari again and reported to them the durango is still stalling/hesitating/lunging. i brought it in again 03/23/10 and by the time i got to work and kari 17 miles later i was just shaking and sick to my stomach. so far the durango has been in and out of kari dodge three times and will go in again 04/12/10. each time they call me they say it's ready. i pick it up and continues to stall and lunge. they claim several people have driven it and even their service manger, mike, could not get the durango to do what we say it's doing. my husband and i have once again driven the durango all weekend after kari dodge has said it is ready and is totally unacceptable. we had a friend drive it today and it did the very same thing we are saying it does. the durango has a major problem. i'm scared to drive it. we (my husband and i )could be in a very serious accident or be rear ended. i have a case number started with chrysler customer assistance center #2434436 and i have also logged a complaint with the ftc -ref#26102292. i have kept a pretty good journal this past month in regards to kari dodge and my durango. they can't seem to fix the problem. kari dodge always asks me it the check engine light comes on----it does not. kari dodge also always asks me if i warm it up every morning- i always do.