Consumer Complaints

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 I was driving my 2009 dodge journey today, 9/10/11 and all of a sudden it started to lose power. it began to shake as if it were trembling underneath the vehicle. the journey was in drive and started to go backwards. i pressed the accelerator with my foot and it went straight to the floor. the gear shift was in drive and the car continued to go backwards with the gear shift in drive. i was very frantic and then began to press the brake pedal with my foot. the journey would not stop. the brake pedal went straight to the floor as the car continued to go backwards. i quickly pressed the emergency brake with my left foot and the car stopped suddenly and shut off while the gear was still in drive. i put the gear back in the park position and tried to start the car but it would not crank. i made a report to dodge by calling (800) 992-1992 on sunday september 11, 2011. i received a reference case number: 21334169. i received a call from dodge from (800) 763-8433 on monday september 12, 2011 from case managers britt (ext. 66208) and keith (ext. 66194). i returned their calls but never had the opportunity to speak with them. they were not available. i left multiple messages for them both and spoke with various people at the call center; neither case manager never returned my calls and i was informed from different representatives at the call center that both britt and keith declined any service to my vehicle due to the high mileage and it being out of warranty. the electrical problem is a manufactured defect with the 2009 journey and has been recognized nationwide by other vehicle owners.