Consumer Complaints

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 We had to replace front brakes and resurface the rotors at 18785 miles. replaced rear brake pads at 26848 miles and replaced front brake pads and rotors at under 36000 again. this car has 35885 on it. i misplaced the letter sent home about being reimbursed for these problems. we just decided to buy our lease. we need new tires only we arent waiting for the expensive ones on backorder we will use the alternate size and brand. yesterday i lost all power in the car. windows wont go up or down, no air, no radio, no windshield wipers, no power locks.its hot in nj i cant drive this car without these things. i shouldnt have to drive it without these things. there are less than 36000 miles on the car. i hit my 36 month mark on 5/31 so am i out of luck. can dodge stand proudly behind their name and recall these cars will all of these problems? i read the blogs and message boards-im not the first person and i wont be the last to have these problem. why should all the responsibility be put on the customer. this is my 2nd dodge and this will probably be my last if they cant step up and own some of this faults. i dont know the answer to the equipment make and model so i am putting in anything to allow me to get to the next page. if i knew this info. i would be a mechanic and would have known about these problems before i bought the car. i am choosing 3m series 963(this means nothing-this is the only way i can get onto the next page so disregard this section of the complaint)
 I own a 2009 dodge journey, i have had 6 (yes 6) brake replacements in the past 3 years. my first one was at 10,000 miles. i currently have 50,000 miles on the car. how can you not think there is a problem in the design of the journeys brake system ? why dont you investigate ?
 I had to replace the brakes and rotors at 10,000 miles. no warning or grinding noises. i would not have known how bad they were if a friend had not pointed out the amount of brake dust on my wheels. very disturbing, especially because i regularly drive my own children and others.
 On my 2009 dodge jorney sxt 4 door suv i have had constant brake problems. had to initially get the front breaks replaced at 16,000 miles and am now taking it back in to get them replaced again at 25,000 miles only a few months later. this is rediculous! i don't ride my brakes at all! brakes should not need to be replaced this often on a vehicle. please make dodge take responsiblity and replace every brake on every model and refund all of us who have had to deal with this! this is our families lives at stake if the brakes fail, someone needs to be held accountable!!