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 We bought a 2009 dodge journey sxt back in may 09. in the last month feb 2010 on, the automatic locking/security mechanism for the driver side door has failed (scheduled to be looked in two days) and today our transmission/gearbox literally exploded under the hood at 6,000 miles. we were driving down a back road on the way to store when a string smell of burning came into the cabin and then we heard a severe pop and then nothing but billowing smoke. we had our two young children in car seats and immediately stopped the vehicle to try and get them away from the possibility of the engine being on fire. we got the kids out and i went back to shut off the car once i saw it wasn't fuel leaking. once it cooled down and stopped smoking i raised the hood and saw what looked to be burnt trasmission fluid and small metal flakes all over my engine and undersideof the hood. so it was just towed to the local dealership to find the cause. so now i have a car with a faulty security system and possibly needs a new transmission and we only have 6,000 miles on the car. still waiting for the dealership to do the work. on a side note, with all of these issues on a brand new car we may be exploring legal options if chrysler doesn't make this right.