Consumer Complaints

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 2009 dodge journey brake, and tire issue. took a trip from des moines, ia. to shreveport, la. - halfway thru my trip home my rear passenger tire blew out of nowhere. with only 18,000 miles on the car i found that surprising especially since i was traveling at 75 mph, and had three kids in the car!!!! took the car to the nearest tire store who called a dodge dealer. the dodge dealer said that my tire was backordered by over 3,000 tires and recommended a different size. spent the night in that town, new tires were put on the following day, drove back to des moines to my dodge dealer here and i informed them of the terrible shaking my steering wheel had throughout the entire trip. they said it was my breaks and rotors and charged me for the service - after only 18,000 miles!!! i picked up my car today from this dealer and there is still shaking, and now a scent of exhaust in the car. i am afraid to drive this car with my family in it, and want to know if i have any recourse at all...
 2009 sxt awd dodge journey is a replacement for the initial journey we purchased which was a lemon. we picked up this car 5/2009. it had a strange smell, much like propane when the engine was warm. the dealer was unable to identify after several visits. we gave up. this problem continued for the last year - progressively the smell worsened. on thursday, 10-28-10 while on interstate 270 i noticed smoke coming from my engine, and the propane smell was almost over powering. i phoned the dealer again. they said to bring in on monday, 11-1-10. on the evening of 10-31-10 i noticed dripping coming from the car on my garage floor. i was able to put a pan underneath and take to dealer monday morning. at the dealer 11-1-10, i was told this fluid ws gear fluid. seven hours later i phoned dealer and was told they had to order a ptu seal. please, please google or search your site for ptu issues on this car. there have been fires caused, engine failures, etc. even after the ptu seal has been replaced it does not fix the problem. within a few weeks it appears that when this initial seal is breached, it damages the other seals, which in turn causes problems with the transmission and breaking system. also, noteworthy, i just had to have my breaks and rotors replaced at 18,000 due to the turning blue. and now, after that work my steering wheel shakes violently, which the dealer can't seem to figure out why. i am also filing a complaint with consumer affairs, the attorney generals office (maryland) and most likely will be getting a lawyer. the dodge journey is a serious safety problem for our roads.