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SB-09-03105/26/2009SB-09-031 REV A10030345Chrysler/dodge:vehicles may pull slightly to the right or left. vehicles were shipped with insufficient clamp load on the rear toe link cam bolt. insufficient clamp load can allow the alignment to change. *pe updated 10/07/009/23/2009

Consumer Complaints

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 Took my dodge journey 2009 sxt- awd on 09/16/2011 to the dealer because the engine would not crank, they made the repairs. at check-out i was told the vehicle needed 4 new tires. at the time the vehicle had 31,328 miles. *tr
 I am a licensed commonwealth of pennsylvania certified state inspection mechanic. i just encountered a very dangerous situation with a customers 2009 dodge journey awd vehicle today, july 14, 2012. i wanted to bring this to the attention of the proper authority, with the hope that this could be investigated in detail to prevent a potential fatality or a number of them.today a regular customer of mine, arrived at my facility with a flat tire, after further inspection; i noticed the valve stem was missing ( on the 2009 journey and many new vehicles this is a tpms - tire pressure monitor sensor) the customer was driving at approx. 30 mph and noticed the light come up on the dash and within seconds her tire was flat, nothing was hit, no jolt, no warning, just poof, the tire went flat. luckily she was driving at a low rate of speed on a rural roadway and was able to stop the vehicle and exit to safety with her children. once i dismounted the tire, i found the tpms on the inside of the tire leaving just a hole in the rim, hence the loss of air pressure. the threads on the tpms were covered with oxidation and no retaining nut was found,the stem was not broken, altered or vandalized, it just came unattached. the threads were oxidized so badly that another retainer could not be threaded on, so i replaced the tpms with a new one. after installing that tire, i went to test the air pressure in the other front tire, as i gently placed the pressure gauge on the tpms valve stem to check the pressure, poof that tpms went right thru the rim; the retaining nut shattered and broke into pieces, quickly causing a massive and rapid loss of pressure.it is my opinion that, had the vehicle been traveling faster, a vehicle owner would be left in a very bad situation, perhaps causing a loss of control and a potential fatality. tpms sensors need to be inspected or recalled to prevent death. *tr
 I purchased a 2009 dodge journey in feb of 09. it is now may 2011 and have had to have rotors resurfaced at 8,000 miles. have replaced the front brake pads 3 times and the back one twice. and now i need to replace the front rotors. i have been thru 2 set of tires. currently the car ignition is having problems. it just doesnt want to start at times. i have 4 children and this is my only car. at the one year mark it started running hot and continues to do so periodically. it also keeps loosing oil. also the radio will be playing and it will just go to a black screen. this car has been nothing but problems and is getting expensive to repair. it is due to go in for service for the ignition and the recall on the door wiring on wed. i would never buy a dogde again!!! cant wait to get rid of this car.
 Break, rotors, tires and power transfer unit replace only at one year of ownership. this is the second year and i have to do it all over again. repair cost off the roof and continue to build up. i don't fell safe driving it because of the fast rate this vital parts consume. dealer continues to tell me that the repair cost is not included in my warranty agreement but i believe manufacturer has to be responsible for the components use to assemble the vehicle.
 2009 dodge journey brake, and tire issue. took a trip from des moines, ia. to shreveport, la. - halfway thru my trip home my rear passenger tire blew out of nowhere. with only 18,000 miles on the car i found that surprising especially since i was traveling at 75 mph, and had three kids in the car!!!! took the car to the nearest tire store who called a dodge dealer. the dodge dealer said that my tire was backordered by over 3,000 tires and recommended a different size. spent the night in that town, new tires were put on the following day, drove back to des moines to my dodge dealer here and i informed them of the terrible shaking my steering wheel had throughout the entire trip. they said it was my breaks and rotors and charged me for the service - after only 18,000 miles!!! i picked up my car today from this dealer and there is still shaking, and now a scent of exhaust in the car. i am afraid to drive this car with my family in it, and want to know if i have any recourse at all...
 I have a 2009 journey sxt, and the transfer case blew at 12,000 miles due to bad oil at factory, i thought odd but okay. at that time i was informed i needed brakes and rooters. again i thought odd and questioned why i needed both, it was explained to me that the rotors are so thin that they have to be replaced when replacing breaks. under warranty but not for brakes about 2 months katerina got the recall after they put the same dam brakes and rotors on there that was recalled so imagin my surprise when i had to get them done again at 35/40k to which i had my dad do them and picked out the brake shoes myself. s i drive it for a while another 20k and again i need new tires and brakes and a alignment. so 2000 later cus having size 225/55/r19 there is only one manufacture and tires are 250 each. now i am ued to having new tires and you rotate them every other oil change and that's it until u get up there in miliage again. not so - 3 weeks later i was back in there because i kept loosing tire pressure well on tire had a nail in it - which they didn't tell me they jut sid ll the tires look great they checked them for leaks and found none. one week later i was back in there as tires are loosing air once again. to which they tell me they will reveal them just this once free of charge and i need a new tire as the patch (that i didn't know about) on sidewall blew out. okay now i am thinking good should be all set but then the dealership told me i had a cracked valve stem and for them to fix it will be another 200. now when i pay 250 per tire i expect that the valve stem would be replaced and a new one put on. again nope!!!,!,!!! so very other day we have to put air in my tires. except one day the valve stem cover came right off and now my car sits. when buying vehicle i was told full sir spare nope again just a donut so if anyone knows why a valve stem would not be replaced when tires are i would sure appreciate some answers.... thanks journey running me over
 A week ago my tire pressure sensor light lit. found the passenger rear tire was very low. added air and the sensor light went off. a few days later the sensor light came back on. checked the other three tires first and all were ok. went to check the passenger rear and the cap was seized. tried giving it a good twist and the stem broke off. dealership won't cover the costly part under warranty because it the stem itself was broken off. i've heard of many problems similar to this and they were covered. i think my dealership, danbury dodge of connecticut, just sucks! i'll never go there again! i should have known it was trouble when the sales manager shook hands on a deal and then had the nerve to come back and raise the price due to an addition error. it all adds up to bad customer service!
 Tire pressure monitoring system on 2009 dodge journey. valve stems have metal threads at end that were broken prior to purchase of vehicle. dealer working to replace, but have been told there is a large number (approx. 20,000 on back order) and it is unknown when parts will be available. apparently, this is a common problem affecting chrysler/dodge vehicles. i currently have three tires that i can check air and add air as necessary, but difficult with broken valve stems. on the fourth tire, the threads are completely broken and missing making it impossible to check air pressure or add air. the tire monitoring system continually warns of low air pressure - dealer says it is a malfunction and to ignore. parts availability is an unknown. safety of vehicle and occupants is questionable with defective system.
 Owner of a 2009 dodge journey sxt awd with kumho solus kh16 tire 225/55r19 size stock tires. after experiencing complete right front tire failure while traveling approximately 45 mph on a paved two-lane highway, owner installed the temporary spare tire. the vehicle's awd light immediately illuminated. owner ceased operating the vehicle and obtained the services of a tow company. apparently, this vehicle cannot be driven with the spare tire supplied by the manufacturer as the awd! light illuminated. the owner's manual states the vehicle should be serviced right away when the awd! light illuminates. there is no caveat statement regarding driving to a close location for limited mileage. moreover, the manual states the pto unit (aka awd! unit) will be damaged if the car is driven with the awd! light illuminated. driving with the supplied temporary spare caused the awd! light to illuminate. additionally, if the car is driven with the temporary spare installed and the awd! light illuminated and damage to the pto occurs, is this damage covered under warranty? if the spare is too small, as is the case via visual inspection, why is that spare tire supplied with the vehicle? shouldn't an acceptable spare be made available, or a caveat statement regarding driving on the temporary spare for limited mileage be supplied, so the driver/owner is not stranded? additionally, culpability for damage and the incurred expenses should be born by the manufacturer in this case, and a statement regarding such should be evident and clear in the owner's manual. *tr