Consumer Complaints

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 I purchased a 2009 dodge journey in august of 2008. i have had repeated problems with rotor and brake wear. the rotors have been replaced twice and all 4 brakes have been replaced twice with the front being replaced 3 times. tje first of which occured just past 12,000 miles. this is when brake and rotor wear warranty ends. i have also had signifigant problems with the wiring senser module, resulting in stability control and anti-lock brake light to come one. i also have power ports in the vehicle that do not work as well as a lift gate that does not lock. i currently have 48,000 miles on the vehicle and now have issues with leaking. i am unsure how water is entering the vehicle, possibly thru the air conditioning drainage system. the entire drivers side floor boards are wet as well as the built in cooler behind the drivers seat being completely filled with water within several days of emptying. this occurs when it is not raining or wet outside. i now have mold issues in the vehicle. myself and my children have signifigant allergies and asthma. this vehicle is unsafe to drive. the electrical problems resulting in air bag failure are definatly scary.