Dodge Monaco 1977

Model Monaco made in 1977 by Dodge got 1 consumer complain as well as 3 recalls. Consumer complaints with reference to tires. . There were some recalls concerningengine and engine cooling and fuel system, gasoline.

Model 1977


CampaignManufacturerManufacturing dateType# of units affectedDate Owner notified MfgRecall Initiated byManufacturers of recalled vehicles/productsReport Recieved DateRecord Creation DateRegulation Part NumberFMVSS Number
77V037000CHRYSLER CORPORATION V (Vehicle)25004/28/1977MFRCHRYSLER GROUP LLC03/15/197710/12/1979
Defect SummaryThe required muffler to floor pan heat shields were omitted from the involved vehicles. these heat shields are necessary to protect the passenger compartment interior materials, including seat belt webbing, from heat damage.
Consequence Summary
Corrective SummaryThe dealer will install the necessary heat shields on all affected vehicles, free of charge.
NotesVehicle description: passenger vehicles (police models).system: ehaust; muffler, resonator.consequences of defect: passengers could receive serious personal injury due toexcessive heat.
78V020000CHRYSLER CORPORATIONfrom 08/01/1974 to 04/01/1977V (Vehicle)37000003/10/1978ODICHRYSLER GROUP LLC01/24/197810/12/1979
Defect SummaryWhen the accelerator pedal on the involved vehicles is depressed and the accelerator pump is activated, a distorted accelerator pump seal in the carburetor may prevent the pump from delivering the proper amount of fuel.
Consequence Summary
Corrective SummaryDealer will replace the carburetor accelerator pump seal with a seal of improved distortion resistance. the carburetor will also be checked for the proper float level.
NotesVehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with 225 or 318 cid engines.system: fuel; carburetor accelerator pump seal.consequences of defect: this may result in hesitation or lack of response whendriver attempts to accelerate. engine stalling may occur in some cases; thiscould lead to a vehicle accident in certain traffic situations.
77V131000CHRYSLER CORPORATION V (Vehicle)183109/01/1977MFRCHRYSLER GROUP LLC09/01/197710/12/1979
Defect SummaryThe plastic transmission shift linkage bushings installed on the involved vehicles may become heat damaged because they are located near the mini-catalytic converter. this condition could alter the adjusted relationship of the transmission shift linkage, causing the transmission to be in a gear position other than that indicated by the gear shift selector.
Consequence Summary
Corrective SummaryDealer will replace the plastic bushings with steel bushings and install retaining clips to ensure that shift rod is securely engaged to the linkage system.
NotesVehicle description: passenger vehicles equipped with 440 high performanceengines and california emission controls.system: power train; transmission, shift linkage bushings.consequences of defect: the driver may not realize which gear the transmissionis in, and a vehicle accident could result.note: until the problem is corrected, the driver should procede cautiouslywhenever starting out after shifting gears. the parking brake should be engagedwhenever the vehicle is parked.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Pe 00 020/tire tread separation: replacement of four tires was due to excessive wear of less then 10,000 miles, and one tire was replaced due to cap coming off the tire. mounted on a 1977, dodge, monco.aftermarket tire installed at 98,458 miles, 8.75/r16.5 lt, dot# vdxkra8056. firestone notified. *ak the tread for one of the tires came off but the other 3 tires were replaced on dealer's recommendation. *yh