BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
180300704/26/200710021685Engine off-idle speed limit feature to protect turbocharger when vehicle is not moving. *kb06/15/2007
180270704/17/200710021686Mil illumination due to egr position sensor dtc - p0404, p0405, p0406. *kb06/15/2007
090010703/14/200710021422Intake - to - throttle body joint may cause a whistle - like sound on 3.7l engines. *kb04/25/2007
0703709/25/2007100231972007 - 2008 (dh/d1) ram truck - cummins 6.7l - excessive exhaust soot accumulation. *nj11/01/2007
180090707/13/20071800907B10022414Excesive soot accumulation in exhaust, pcm may not reprogram, and other engine system enhancements. *kb08/13/2007

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Tl-the contact owns a 2007 dodge ram 1500 quadcab 4x4 (na). the contact stated that the front driver side seat belt retractor would not function. in addition, the front passenger air bag sensor failed. the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where a diagnostic test was performed, and they also detected a faulty oxygen sensor which was currently being replaced along with the other necessary repairs. the failure mileage was approximately 34,000. js
 Engine stalls periodically at low rpm when turning. *tr
 2006 dodge ram 1500 quad st 3.7l v6 sfi purchased on 9/27/2006 at anniston - lincoln - mercury - dodge in oxford, alabama. the truck had very serious mechanical problems, the engine will just stop with a loud noise, and with a slip in the drivetrain, while driving down the street or will just die at any given time during driving. such as pulling out in traffic, stopping at a light, driving down the street as it will die at random, but may go two or three days without a problem. *ak we have taken it to the dealer multiple times, but they refuse to fix it as they say that nothing is wrong with it, even though a chip in the engine indicated a problem but did not retain the mechanical information. i didn't argue with them or get upset because i know that is pointless when dealing with i have taking it to the dealer and they wont fix it, they say that nothing is wrong with it. i didn't argue with them or get upset because i know that is pointless when dealing with bureaucracy. i discussed this with a representative at dodge customer assistance who didn't seem to care less about my problem as she stated that dodge stands behind the dealer. (not the product) , which left me speechless, i really can not believe that dodge has sold us a 30,000 dollar+ vehicle and within 6 months it is dying in the middle of the highway at random, the dealer won't fix it and dodge customer assistance stands behind the dealer, without a thought to customer service,the customer or the product. but beyond the incredible abuse i have suffered from this company's unethical business practice, this is a major safety issue as we continue to carry our family of very young children in this vehicle, with our family in danger of being injured or killed in this vehicle as it is liable to die in the road/highway at any time, with the dealer refusing to acknowledge a problem, and to this point the company refuses to stand behind the product or customer. *ak