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Consumer Complaints

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 Truck stalls daily. only stalls when coming to a stop. once completely stopped the tachometer jolts up and down, making the truck lurch forward, and will sometimes stall completely. does not happen while driving, or at low speeds, only at complete stop and in drive. if in neutral this does not happen. this is unsafe to lose control of your truck and at times it lurches forward trying to get the correct rpm. i have seen all over the internet how widespread this problem is and dodge has done nothing about it. many times i have seen where this has occurred to poeple while driving! this is an automatic transmission, everything checks out fine except this, it has to be a computer problem and needs replaced. i see often where people change many parts, sometimes helping but usually not.
 Truck stalls or completely shuts off while driving.the dash and window area rattles. dealer said that there is nothing wrong with truck. the truck had only a week and it was shutting off by itself. the situation of the truck made my wife scared to drive. the dealer lithia played it off like it's nothing maybe its the fuel blahh,blahh. *tr
 2005 dodge ram 1500 pickup. stalls when stopping and turning. engine revs. truck will stall in traffic without notice. this has happened on at least 10 seperate dates. *tr
 My 2005 dodge ram 1500 has a stalling problem. it seems to happen at low speeds, while turning, and while having the brake applied. i have taken it to the dealer too many times to note. they have made one repair attempt. i was told that there was going to be an update on the software, but never received a call back. every time i take it in the dealer tells me there are no codes on the computer - and therefore they cannot diagnose the problem. and am told that they cannot duplicate the problem (might be because they drive it for 1 mile). i guess when the truck stalls and fatally kills a bunch of people is when they will make an effort to address and repair this problem!!!! it is very scary to have your vehicle stall leaving you with no power steering and no power brakes and virtually no control over your truck!!! *tr
 2005 dodge ram frequently stalls at slower speeds and rpm's. the engine shuts off without warning often after letting off the gas pedal at lower rpms. it has happened at speeds of 20 mph and lower, while taking turns, approaching stop signs and at the crest of hills when i let off the gas. very dangerous and resulted in running off the road into a ditch in one case. the dealer was not helpful on both occasions when they kept the truck for repair purposes. in both cases they said they could not do anything since the computer did not register a specific failure. i told them that it was related to the low rpm's and that it was not a sensor issue. they refused to investigate further as they felt this would be chasing the problem blind. *tr
 Vehicle engine stalls when slowing to make turn or just slowing to speeds below 25mph. *tr
 Tl* the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while merging into traffic at 55 mph the contact accelerated and the gauges on the dashboard began fluctuating out of control. the vehicle then shut off and the gauges remained stagnant. the engine locked up and the vehicle was towed to a mechanic. the mechanic stated that the failure was caused by sludge build-up. the warranty will not cover the repair because the dealer stated that the vehicle did not receive routine oil changes. the contact insisted that the vehicle has had regular oil changes. currently, he must pay $10,000 for a new engine. the current and failure mileages were 44,200.*ak
 Engine stalling, engine stalls in all driving conditions. pcm has been updated with new code and still occurs. several components replaced and still engine stalls. dodge service department recommended higher octane fuel and the engine still stalls. we have made a total of ten repair attempts and the engine still stalls on average one to two times per week. one occurrence of stalling left the pickup in intersection which caused a near-miss traffic accident. *nm
 This complaint is a continuance of a previous complaint number 10175625 filed 12/08/2006. i have an ongoing problem with my 2005 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7l hemi. the vehicle will at times stall when driving down the road. it seems to happen more often when the vehicle is cold and it is cold out side (near freezing). since i filed my first complaint, i have had additional stalling occurrences with the vehicle. it was picked up from the service department on december 15, 2006. it was driven about 60 miles without incident. on the 16th, i went to the store. as i exited my neighborhood, the vehicle reached about 30 mph and hesitated where it would not accelerate any further for about three seconds and then stalled. i restarted it and continued down the road. when i left the store to come home about five minutes later, the same thing happened but only with a one second hesitation and stalled. i called the service department right away and dropped it off to them the following monday morning. i have been working with the dealership where i originally purchased the vehicle. their customer service has been excellent. the service department has not yet been able to duplicate the problem. they have replaced both transmission filters and a crank sensor. this has not fixed the problem. the dealership currently has possession of my vehicle for the third time in two weeks. i have expressed to both the dealership and chrysler, both verbally and in writing, my sincere concern for the safety of myself and my family. i do not feel that this vehicle is safe to drive until it is fixed. i have asked that if it is not able to be properly diagnosed and fixed, to release me form my lease obligations with chrysler financial. *nm
 My vehicle is a swb quad cab 4x4 1500 6 ft bed. i was traveling at 30 -35- mph going through a slight right curve when the engine shut off and i lost all power in the vehicle (in traffic) i put the vehicle in neutral and restarted the truck at about 20 - 25 mph and continued on. the trucked had been running for about 20 min before it happened. the second time i was leaving work and pulled up to the automatic gate and stopped to wait for it to open and the truck just died. it had only been running for about 2-3 min. *jb
 Dt: consumer states that on two different occasions while doing a three point turn and a u-turn, the vehicle stalled. the vehicle is currently at the dealership being looked at.*ak
 (1) anything, anywhere, anytime, any speed. (2) engine stall. brakes and stearing in-operable, total control failure of vehicle. (3) flash update of the trucks computer chip, many trips into the dealer, latest advice from the dealer is they will not do anything about this issue except to note my complaint in the service file...
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while driving 65 mph in below zero temperatures, the pvc return system causes the vehicle to squirt oil into the engine. as a result, the defrost system becomes clogged and fails. the windows were unable to defrost and left oil residue on the windshield. the failure has caused severe eye burnings, stomach pains, and choking of the occupants. the manufacturer stated that there was no mechanical failure and no parts available. they were unable to determine and correct the failure. when the parts arrive, the repair will cost $400. the manufacturer also advised the contact to drive in temperatures above zero degrees. the failure and current mileages were 70,050.
 Engine stalls or dies at slow speeds, stoplights or turning. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while coming to a complete stop, placing the vehicle into reverse, or stopping to make a turn, the vehicle stalls without warning. the dealer performed an upgrade to the engine system to remedy the failure; however, the failure persists. the contact returned to the dealer and they stated that no further action could be done. they further stated that if the check engine light has not illuminated, there was no cause for concern. the vin was unknown. the failure mileage was 20,000 and current mileage was 30,000.
 2005 dodge ram 1500 slt dies when slowing to 10 - 20 mph. problem is intermittent. no steering or power. must stop then restart vehicle. dealer unable to identify problem, so far. *nm
 My 2005 dodge ram 1500 daytona edition quadcab swb, vin 1d7ha18d95j641295, is equipped with the 5.7 liter hemi engine and stalls unexpectedly when at idle and/or low speed. the check engine light does not come on and the vehicle restarts as if no problem occurred. nhtsa choices for model do not include quadcab swb dodge rams. *nm
 Stalling issue with 2005 dodge ram 1500 ext cab. approx 2500 miles. truck stalls intermitently while in reverse or shifting from reverse to forward. the issue has occured several times since purchasing the vehicle. the dealer has investigated two or three times. initial investigation determined possible cause as contact issues with ignitiion swith module and it was replaced. since then the truck has stalled two additional times and is again at the dealership for investigation into root cause. the dealer is having a difficult time determining the issue since the stalling is intermittent and cannot be easily repeated. overall the dealer has been responsive to the issue but has not yet implemented a permanent fix. *nm
 Dt: the contact owns a 2005 dodge ran 1500 slt. while coming to a stop at a stop light or stop sign, or while putting the vehicle into reverse, the vehicle stalled without any warning indications. the vehicle restarted directly after this happened . the driving distance of the vehicle has no impact on when vehicle will stall. the vehicle has been to the dealership approximately seven times since the purchasing date. the dealership could not duplicate the problem and could not repair the vehicle. the manufacturer stated that the contact would have to call the dealership to tow the vehicle directly after it stalled, and directed her to not restart the vehicle. due to the mileage on the vehicle the dealership will not trade the vehicle. the dealership has the vehicle and was trying to determine the problem at this time. she told the dealer that she would not take the vehicle back until the problem was fixed. *ak updated 11/16/2005. *nm
 On my 2005 dodge ram with the 5.7 hemi at times will stall at lights i have taken the vehicle to the dealer and they were not able to recreate the concern in 2 days. i went to the dealer and duplicated the concern within 10 miles. the technician told me the transmission fluid was low and added fluid. i drove the vehicle for a day and was stopped at a stop sign, the vehicle lunged forward and stalled. i have requested assistance from dcx and they wanted to flash the pcm. i let them know the pcm was replaced a week earlier for a charging system concern i had. i believe the pcm should have come with the latest software. *jb
 I lease a 2005 dodge ram 1500 4x4 with the 5.7l hemi. my vehicle has roughly 17,800 miles on it. i am having stalling problems with it. in early november i went outside to turn my truck on to warm it up. i moved it forward about 5 feet and put it in park. when i did this, the engine shut off on it's own. i took me about three minutes to restart the vehicle. once it restarted, it ran fine and showed no other symptoms of a problem. on december 3, 2006, i was driving home and exiting from the freeway. when i reached the red light, i stopped and the truck stalled out. i restarted it and it ran for about five seconds and stalled again. i put the car into neutral and started it and kept my foot on the gas to keep it running. at the next light it died again and continued to do it everytime i stopped. i took it into the dealership on december 5, 2006. they looked at it and said that they could not find anything wrong with it. the computer did not show any codes and they could not duplicate the problem. it only happens periodically and it did run okay as i drove it to the dealership. on december 6, 2006 i was driving the vehicle and it stalled again at a stop. i am scheduled to take it into the dealership again on december 12 to have them flash the pcm. the dealer has informed me that their special tech has seen this problem on a few other vehicles and does not quite know how to fix the problem. i have done some research and found that the nhtsa is conducting an investigation for this problem in dodge rams and dodge durangos. i have two small children and do not feel safe to drive them in this vehicle. my wife and i make conscious decisions regarding our childrens safety. placing them into a vehicle that stalls at will is not smart. if you have any guidance or information that would assist in this matter, it would be greatly appreciated. *nm
 2005 ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 / 5.7l hemi 1) intermittently stalls at low rpm. after multiple times reporting the issue. no intervention has been taken to correct the issue. 2) drivers seat shimmies back and forth when braking or starting out. also reported multiple times. one time part of the seat frame was replaced but had no effect on correcting the problem. also reported directly to chrysler under their case number kmm3191569v95411l0km. *jb
 2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 4x4, 5.7 liter hemi engine, auto trans. 3,000 miles on truck. engine is loud during idle, almost as if there is lifters sticking and or inproper engine tolerances. fuel mileage is very poor, 10-12 miles per gallon in city or highway. window sticker on truck stated 14-city/16-highway when purchased, way off. *jb
 The catalytic converter was replaced in 2007 under warranty. dodge states it is bad again. truck now has 64000 miles on it. also the drivers side front bearing and spindle had to be replaced in 2009 because of a the same problem in the 2006 model due to insufficient lubrication at factory. *tr
 Bolt on exhaust manifold broke causing exhaust leak. bolt had to be drilled out and replaced along with the exhaust manifold. repair shop said this is common on dodge vehicles. bolt receives too much vibration and heat. *tr
 Check engine light has come on. code shows problem to be catalytic converter. *tr
 2005 dodge ram 1500 (4.7). my vehicle will stop running and an indicator light on the dash comes on. after evaluating the problem at a local parts store it was determined the egr valve is bad. the vehicle has 43,500 miles on irt. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while driving various speeds, the vehicle stalls and the service engine light illuminates. the failure occurs intermittently and sparks come out of the exhaust. the contact has taken the vehicle to the dealer thirteen previous times, but they could not duplicate the failure. the failure mileage was 9,178 and current mileage was 44,520.
 I have a complaint just as the gentleman below me. i have came extremely close to having accidents so many times that it worries me to drive this truck any where any more. 5-8 times per week the engine stalls. usually when slowing down to a stop or turning. sometimes while accelerating at traffic lights. check engine light is on with the codes po404 & po406 set (egr valve) serviceman at dealership said if not replaced, it can cause other damages to the engine. ***2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 4.7l v8. 3-4 times / week the engine stalls while driving less than 10 mph, usually while slowing down to stop and sometimes while accelerating slowly. check engine light is on with engine codes p0404 & p0406 set (egr valve) talked to service department at dodge dealership. they said that this is a common problem with this model and that dodge isn't doing anything to correct it unless i pay to have them fix it. the egr valve apparently has a design flaw and prone to fail. *jb *** *tr
 Since buying my 2005 dodge crewcab 1500 pickup i have been experiencing bad headaches. i went to a number of doctors and underwent a number of tests. no cause for my ongoing headaches could be found. last weekend my oldest son and i went on a several hour trip in the truck and we both became sick. on a hunch i stopped and purchased a carbon monoxide tester and when placed in the cab of the truck it sounded an alarm. in the next few days i tried the alarm many times and on all occasions it sounded an alarm. i feel that there is some fault with this truck that is allowing, or causing, carbon monoxide into the cab of the truck. *nm
 2005 dodge ram 1500 experiencing problems with premature tire wear, rusted components underneath the vehicle, loose front passenger seat, transmission shifting, speedometer inaccurate, and problems with the body paint. *mr the ride height was low in the front, there was stiff suspension, there was a loose strip rubber above the left door, the suspension bar may have been cracked, there was abnormal scalloping on the front tire outside tread, there was an exhaust pipe leak, the exhaust system components showed signs of overheating. the lower portion of the right side steering knuckle showed a visible line that could possibly crack. the engine idling was harsh when moving the shift into reverse. *sc *jb
 The consumer stated that inspection was done on vehicle and the hood was found to be corroded. rusting activity was present at time of purchase. there was an exhaust pipe leak mid-point underneath the truck. the inspector stated that this was a major safety concern due to possible intrusion into cab area while driving. also, exhaust system muffler,catalytic converter, and pipe showed signs of extreme overheating. heavy deposits of dry fluffy carbon was evident inside the tail pipe. indication of rich fuel mixture that will cause overheating with possibility of fire. suppose to be new 2005 4x2 ram single cab.*ak *nm
 2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 4.7l v8. 3-4 times / week the engine stalls while driving less than 10 mph, usually while slowing down to stop and sometimes while accelerating slowly. check engine light is on with engine codes p0404 & p0406 set (egr valve) talked to service department at dodge dealership. they said that this is a common problem with this model and that dodge isn't doing anything to correct it unless i pay to have them fix it. the egr valve apparently has a design flaw and prone to fail. *jb
 (1) coming to a stop light/sign has stalled 10 times (2) stalls in the intersection - could cause an accident (3) replaced oxygen sensor under warranty(dealer should have) has not fixed the problem. *nm