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140040507/08/200510016020Electronic fuel control (efc) actuator available for service. *tt08/18/2005

Consumer Complaints

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 Occasional use of vehicle. nothing has changed about how or when the vehicle is used. when filling truck with fuel, the pump will shut off after very little time and fuel sprays out of the filler neck and onto the ground and/or person filling the tank. if the fuel is pumped extremely slow, the pump will still shut off every few seconds and fuel will still spray out of the filler neck. the problem occurs every time i put fuel in the truck, no matter what gas station i use. my internet research has shown a recall for dodge durangos of the same era. there have been several complaints on internet message boards with the exact same problem i am having. fuel spillage is extremely dangerous as well as bad for the environment. *tr
 2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab 4x4, 5.7 liter hemi engine, auto trans. 3,000 miles on truck. engine is loud during idle, almost as if there is lifters sticking and or inproper engine tolerances. fuel mileage is very poor, 10-12 miles per gallon in city or highway. window sticker on truck stated 14-city/16-highway when purchased, way off. *jb
 2005 ram 1500 decelerated while in cruise control on an upgrade. after several seconds the vehicle kicked down and raced the hemi engine. this was with enough power to push me into my seat. it exceeded the set speed by 7 mph and then returned to normal cruise behavior. upon exiting the highway i stopped for a light at the end of the exit ramp. while waiting for the light to change the engine attempted at stall and then raced the engine up to 2500 rpms, then back to stall. this occurred three times before returning to normal idle. wilson dodge in torrington ct is finding no codes in the computer to explain the erratic behavior of the vehicle. *jb
 When refueling the vehicle, the automatic shut-off on the pump works correctly but the tank will bubble up fuel causing a spill. i never top-off the tank! the dealer has worked on this twice and is scheduling a third appointment. i am concerned that they have no idea why this is happening. *jb