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210120507/23/200510016026New 42rle variable line pressure transmission (vlp). *tt08/18/2005


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 Analysis of the complaint, field report and warranty data shows that the majority of stalling incidents in the subject vehicles appear to be related to the engine calibration concerns that daimlerchrysler addressed with service bulletins releasing revised pcm software.analysis of the complaints and odi's survey of owners of vehicles that received engine management software updates under tsb #18-013-05 show that these stalling incidents have the following characteristics: - they occur at low speeds, often during parking lot ordriveway maneuvers; - they occur during decelerations, such as braking for a stop sign or traffic signal; and - the operator is almost always able to immediately restart the vehicle.when compared with other safety defect investigations and recalls of conditions that result in stalling during low-speed deceleration with immediate engine restart possible, the failure rate in the subject vehicles is low.analyses of complaint and warranty data also show a declining trend.accordingly, this investigation is closed.the closing of this investigation does not constitute a finding by nhtsa that a safety-related defect does not exist.the agency will continue to monitor complaints and other information relating to the alleged defect in the subject vehicles and take further action in the future if warranted.see document file for additional information regarding this resume.

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Truck stalls daily. only stalls when coming to a stop. once completely stopped the tachometer jolts up and down, making the truck lurch forward, and will sometimes stall completely. does not happen while driving, or at low speeds, only at complete stop and in drive. if in neutral this does not happen. this is unsafe to lose control of your truck and at times it lurches forward trying to get the correct rpm. i have seen all over the internet how widespread this problem is and dodge has done nothing about it. many times i have seen where this has occurred to poeple while driving! this is an automatic transmission, everything checks out fine except this, it has to be a computer problem and needs replaced. i see often where people change many parts, sometimes helping but usually not.
 Engine shuts off randomly. during low speeds, up hills, down hills, around corners, it doesn't matter. took it to the dealer and they replaced the harmonic balancer but it still didn't fix it. *tr
 My 2005 dodge truck started having a vibration in it at 300 miles. have had it in 5 times in 4 month to be fix. dodge says there is nothing they can do. told dealer i wanted to put it under wyo lemon law. dealer say it is between my and dodge. dodge says it is between me and my dealer i just want a new truck. *nm
 Rack and pinion leaking which is connected to the power steering pump, which uses the same fluid as the rack and pinion--both have to be repaired and replaced. the tie rods are broken and connected to the rack and pinion fluid, which ultimately led to the tierods breaking due to fluid leakage. we are also having problems with the transmission, not shifting into 4 wheel drive--our prior vehicle was also a dodge ram 1500, in which we had tie rod issues and major automatic power transmission and power steering fluid issues. truck just purchased and currently in the shop pending replacement tie rods, power steering pump replacement and any other fluid issues they find to get the components working in synergy. *tr
 Engine stalls when braking. happens frequently when turning corners, due to slowing. has been happening for several months. now transmission does not always respond or shifts hard. i have even had to shift on the column. *tr
 After my truck was sitting without starting for a couple of days, it would not go into reverse. i would hit the accelerator and the truck would not move. after a while, it would start to sift into gear with a very loud noise. i also noticed, that when i was coming to a stop, but didn't completely stop, the transmission would hit very hard upon acceleration. i have taken it to the shop three times. the first time i was told that since there was no code, that it was fine. i stated that if it was a mechanical issue, that you may not get a code. for instance, if you lose a tire on the road. the second time, they adjusted the electronic shifter, but it didn't help. the third time, they changed the filter, but only put silicone on the pan with no gasket. i was told that the tranny had a problem with the filter allowing the torque converter to back bleed and that they put in a filter with a check valve to fix the problem. i now have more power, but i am still getting some hard shifting when i slow down and then speed up. the problem started at 20,000 miles. *tr
 Since day one of purchasing the vehicle in sept. 2005, i have had a problem with it stalling or lunging forward when shifting (automatic) into drive. it has been to the dealership on at least 3 occasions, 1 with me duplicating the problem. they are unable to fix the problem and do not seem concerned with getting it fixed. *jb
 Dt*: the contact stated after the vehicle was driven, parked, and then restarted, the transmission felt as though it was dragging. the problem was intermittent and occurred every month and a half. the dealership was unable to determine a problem, but replaced the solenoid in an attempt to repair. the problem persists.
 Dt*: the contact stated while idling in the driveway the vehicle jumped into reverse and went backward into a garage. the vehicle and garage were damaged. the vehicle was seen by the dealership and repaired under warranty. *nm
 During cold weather, you can put the vehicle in reverse and it will not move at all, to get it to move you have to put the vehicle back in park and then in reverse and sort of wiggle the shifting lever. also during in cold weather the vehicle when in drive wants to take off by itself and you have to press the brake pedal down hard to keep it from taking off into traffic. *jb
 Dt: the contact states after parking vehicle she got out of the vehicle and it popped out of gear and hit another vehicle. at a later time the contact's husband put the vehicle in park and it popped out of gear. the vehicle was taken to dealer to be inspected. he drove the vehicle and the same thing happened, it popped out of gear. however, no repairs have been made. *ak
 2005 dodge ram 1500 experiencing problems with premature tire wear, rusted components underneath the vehicle, loose front passenger seat, transmission shifting, speedometer inaccurate, and problems with the body paint. *mr the ride height was low in the front, there was stiff suspension, there was a loose strip rubber above the left door, the suspension bar may have been cracked, there was abnormal scalloping on the front tire outside tread, there was an exhaust pipe leak, the exhaust system components showed signs of overheating. the lower portion of the right side steering knuckle showed a visible line that could possibly crack. the engine idling was harsh when moving the shift into reverse. *sc *jb
 Engine stalling even after having computer updated on sept 2007 engine stalling multiple times at traffic lights & when stopping , no check engine light dealer said if no check engine light they don't know what to do. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while driving less than 10 mph, the vehicle stalled, the steering wheel and brake pedal locked, and the vehicle came to a complete stop. the vehicle restarted immediately. the contact stated that he was in a near head on crash on october 14, 2007 due to the stalling. the vehicle has stalled on 30 occasions. he took the vehicle to the dealer and it stalled when it was test driven. the dealer stated that nothing could be done because the engine light did not illuminate. the contact stated that nhtsa performed investigation number ea05018 for vehicle stalling. the current mileage was 59,594 and failure mileage was 57,000.
 Shortly after purchasing the vehicle i was backing up in driveway and the vehicle hesitated, began moving, and then stalled. that same afternoon i was leaving work and the same identical thing happened. i contacted the dealer, and they stated there was a technical service bulletin and to bring it in. i took it to dealer, and they did an update or something. recently it started hesitating when put in gear and has stalled on several occasions either when being placed in gear or when coming to a stop. it acted like it didn't want to go, then like the transmission was binding, and just before stalling it lunged forward or backwards, depending on direction of travel, before stalling.*ak
 Transmission in my 2005 dodge ram 1500 quad cab pick-up truck with only 3656 miles on it is making a whining sound when it is warmed up, the vehicle was brought back to the dealership where it was purchased and looked at by one of the service technicians, the technician stated that the transmission would need a torque converter and a front pump. the manufacturer of the vehicle was contacted and the parts which were requested by the dealership under warranty were denied by the manufacturer, so at this time i was told by the service director that i would have to live with it and was sent home with the transmission still whining as it was when i brought it in, this condition to me is completely unacceptable and it is unsafe.*jb
 Dt: the contact stated while making a right turn in 2005 dodge ram the rear driver's side tire came off and went under the vehicle. he had the vehicle towed to a dealership , and they would not look at the vehicle because he did not buy it there. the contact paid to have it towed to the dealership where he purchased it. the manufacturer sent a field representative to inspect the vehicle. he found a broken axle, which caused the tire separation. the manufacturer refused to fix the vehicle under warranty. therefore, there have been no repairs made to the vehicle . the contact stated the vehicle had never been off road, and there were no pot holes where the incident occurred. he has pictures of the location where the tire came off. *ak
 2005 dodge ram srt left rear wheel broke away from the axle resulting in a rollover and the air bags did not deploy. *mr *nm
 05/dodge truck ram 1500/quad 140wb 4x2 transmission shifts all the time in over drive . it doesn't shift in tow/ haul like that. after four times in shop they say this normal to do this. 1,400 miles later the rear axle pinion seal was leaking. seal#52070340-ab. they just change the seal and add lubricant#4874469. in passing a car it will run up too 5800 rpms,then go to 2500 rpms then 1800 rpms. *nm
 Dt*: the contact stated while driving at various speeds, while letting go of the steering wheel, the vehicle drifted quickly from side to side. additionally, there was a noise coming from the right front wheel well and the noise was more pronounced while driving across rough road conditions. also, while placing the vehicle in reverse, there was a loud vibration from the driveshaft. the vehicle was seen by a dealer for the steering and driveshaft. the dealer performed a wheel alignment to correct the steering problem, but was unable to determine the cause of the vibration. the vehicle is currently at the dealership for further inspection. *ak
 My transmission suddenly failed (42k) without any warning whatsoever (present or past) while driving along a very busy highway. the vehicle started to suddenly & rapidly slow down and began to surge (rapidly speed up and slow down). the vehicles behind me were forced to suddenly brake; many quickly changed lanes to avoid a collision. i requested assistance with the cost of the repair from dodge via the service manager. the service manager contacted the district representative, dan lewendowski, who refused to assist me with the expense. i had the vehicle towed to a notable transmission shop for repair. upon inspecting the transmission, the transmission shop owner insisted that the transmission failed for some other reason than non-maintenance. he told me that the fluid does not lose it's lubrication at 42,000 miles. this was not the first dodge ram he has serviced with a transmission problem. in fact, he had another dodge ram in the shop the same day with the same problem (the soft parts in the transmission had failed). the tranmission shop owner told me that dodge has had a tremendous amount of transmission problems and recommended that i take this matter further. i have been researching this matter on the internet and have located several websites related to the failure of dodge transmissions. i am requesting a reimbursement of $1,900 from dodge for the repair of my transmission. i would also like nhsta to look into this matter further to see if a recall is warranted since this appears to be a known and wide spread problem. i have the damaged/replaced parts in my possession should you wish to inspect them.