Consumer Complaints

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 The driver's seat track in my 2005 dodge ram failed. this time my truck had just over 30,000 miles on it and the seat track failed again. it previously failed at about 12,000 miles. since all of the dodge dealers that were close to me were closed i had to drive my unsafe vehicle a little over an hour away to get it looked at. once again the seat was lunging forward and back with acceleration and deceleration. the dealer determined that the adjustment screw on the seat track had fatigued, stretched and failed. though my truck is in immaculate condition, incredibly low miles and the fact that the dealer admitted that the part was faulty i was still informed that the bill would be around $680 to make my truck safe once again. after having the new seat track installed i noticed nearly 1/4 of free-play in the new seat assembly. i notified the dealer and he informed me that i was just being stupid. he told me that all of these seats have a good amount of play and that i should just make sure to bring it in when it fails again. he was sure that it would fail again but was unsympathetic to my desire for safety for me and my family. i contacted dodge directly about the issue and they basically blew me off. i now have a few thousand more miles on my new seat track and the seat is beginning to really loosen up again. i am very concerned that my seat could be thrown through my windshield with me still seat-belted into it. i have similar seats in other vehicles of other makes and they have never given me any problems in over 200,000 miles. i am very concerned for my families safety and am feeling very impotent. i asked a manager at dodge if they thought that my being paralyzed was acceptable and i was informed that there has to be some type of injury before they will consider doing anything. i do not think that this is acceptable. i would feel terrible selling the truck to someone else who could be injured in it. i don't know what else to do. please help me. *tr
 The driver's seat track failed in my 2005 dodge ram. my truck had just over 12,000 miles and was still in new condition and has never been abused. the i have the upgraded fully adjustable seat in my new truck. once the seat track failed the seat had around six inches of free-play forward and back. i would apply the brakes and the seat would lunge forward toward the dash. as i would accelerate the seat would lunge backward. i refused to drive the vehicle until it was repaired as i didn't feel safe driving it. the dealer replaced the seat track for me since it was under warranty. the technicians working on my truck said that they were concerned for my safety with this seat track. they suggested that i would surely break at least my legs in an accident. i would think that this type of thing would void any crash test data. my new seat still had some play but the dealer assured me that it would be fine. i am still worried. *tr
 2005 ram 1500 quad cab 4x4 / 5.7l hemi 1) intermittently stalls at low rpm. after multiple times reporting the issue. no intervention has been taken to correct the issue. 2) drivers seat shimmies back and forth when braking or starting out. also reported multiple times. one time part of the seat frame was replaced but had no effect on correcting the problem. also reported directly to chrysler under their case number kmm3191569v95411l0km. *jb
 2005 dodge ram 1500 experiencing problems with premature tire wear, rusted components underneath the vehicle, loose front passenger seat, transmission shifting, speedometer inaccurate, and problems with the body paint. *mr the ride height was low in the front, there was stiff suspension, there was a loose strip rubber above the left door, the suspension bar may have been cracked, there was abnormal scalloping on the front tire outside tread, there was an exhaust pipe leak, the exhaust system components showed signs of overheating. the lower portion of the right side steering knuckle showed a visible line that could possibly crack. the engine idling was harsh when moving the shift into reverse. *sc *jb