Consumer Complaints

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 I have had (2)two close calls from a 2005 dodge ram 1500 due to equipment failures. (1) the power steering pump failed during a snowstorm and skidded me off the road. (2) recently with just 44,000 miles on the ram the wheelbearings seized and the driverside tire blowout sending me again to the side of the road into a small culvert. even though under warranty dodge is delaying fixing it because i have been complaining about these equipment failures. i've noticed many complaints and even limited recalls regarding dodge wheelbearings being defective. if you are involved with either of these equipment failures you'd know how catastrophic it could be. *tr
 2005 dodge ram 1500 experiencing problems with premature tire wear, rusted components underneath the vehicle, loose front passenger seat, transmission shifting, speedometer inaccurate, and problems with the body paint. *mr the ride height was low in the front, there was stiff suspension, there was a loose strip rubber above the left door, the suspension bar may have been cracked, there was abnormal scalloping on the front tire outside tread, there was an exhaust pipe leak, the exhaust system components showed signs of overheating. the lower portion of the right side steering knuckle showed a visible line that could possibly crack. the engine idling was harsh when moving the shift into reverse. *sc *jb
 The consumer stated that inspection was done on vehicle and the hood was found to be corroded. rusting activity was present at time of purchase. there was an exhaust pipe leak mid-point underneath the truck. the inspector stated that this was a major safety concern due to possible intrusion into cab area while driving. also, exhaust system muffler,catalytic converter, and pipe showed signs of extreme overheating. heavy deposits of dry fluffy carbon was evident inside the tail pipe. indication of rich fuel mixture that will cause overheating with possibility of fire. suppose to be new 2005 4x2 ram single cab.*ak *nm
 The front passenger wheel broke off at low speed. seems that the lower control arm (axle) just snapped in two. no other vehicles where involved, pot holes or curb. the wheel broke off pulling everything apart inside the wheel well except for the brake line. the truck landed on top of the wheel preventing it from flipping over. i spoke with chrysler dodge and all though admitting that the lower control arm should never break said that it wasn't a defected part because i hadn't had my vehicle serviced through the dealership . this was a very serious and dangerous problem. if it wouldn't have been for only doing 15mph when it happened it would have caused serious injury and possible death. dodge has a known problem with faulty ball joints but don't seem to care all though this may have been a preliminary problem leading up to the axle breaking in two. *tr