Consumer Complaints

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 My air condition won't switch to defrost creating a safety hazard. dodge is aware of the problem but acted like they never heard of it before. i brought it there 3 times to fix and the problem was never fixed. 2005 dodge ram 1500
 Truck stalls or completely shuts off while driving.the dash and window area rattles. dealer said that there is nothing wrong with truck. the truck had only a week and it was shutting off by itself. the situation of the truck made my wife scared to drive. the dealer lithia played it off like it's nothing maybe its the fuel blahh,blahh. *tr
 When heading to work, was going approximately 70 mph on the interstate when i looked in sideview mirror and saw smoke coming from my vehicle. at that same time, i heard a loud roaring noise for a few seconds, then my driver's side wheel came off. the wheel crossed over into the east-bound lane of the interstate (i was heading west), and the brake calipers broke off. even though my brakes and tire were gone, i was able to get my vehicle to the side of the interstate without causing injury to myself or others. all this also caused body damage to the front quarter panel of my truck, making it difficult to open and close the driver's side door. i retrieved my tire and had a tow truck take my vehicle to the local dodge dealership where i purchased the truck. they advised me they had never heard of this happening before. i've now been informed the repairs consist of replacing the hub, spindle, brake caliper, rotor, brake line, brake pads, and a new tire (the other tire blew out) at a cost of $2000. i have requested the old parts be given to me in case this issue needs to proceed with an investigation. i have done research that revealed the 2006 dodge ram trucks were recalled for this exact same problem (wheel bearing assemblies not receiving enough lubrication at the factory causing them to lock up and cause crashes). but since my vehicle is a 2005, dodge refuses to acknowledge responsibility. *tr
 Tl*the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 1500 quadcab lwb. while driving 65 mph in below zero temperatures, the pvc return system causes the vehicle to squirt oil into the engine. as a result, the defrost system becomes clogged and fails. the windows were unable to defrost and left oil residue on the windshield. the failure has caused severe eye burnings, stomach pains, and choking of the occupants. the manufacturer stated that there was no mechanical failure and no parts available. they were unable to determine and correct the failure. when the parts arrive, the repair will cost $400. the manufacturer also advised the contact to drive in temperatures above zero degrees. the failure and current mileages were 70,050.
 About 1:00 pm on september 26th i opened the front drivers side door on my 2005 dodge ram 1500 5.7 hemi, swb quadcab laramie to look fro some papers. the outside temperature that day was abut 80 degrees. i then pressed the unlock door button to release the lock on the rear drivers side door. i closed the drivers side front door and then opened to drivers side rear door. after looking for some papers i closed the rear drivers side door. at the exact instance the door closed i heard a moderate popping noise. i looked into the truck bed and saw tinted glass and realized that the rear window had popped out. the passenger side of the rear window had shattered into many pieces. i contacted the dealer where i had purchased the vehicle and they had me to bring the vehicle in so that they could take pictures and to send to chrysler for determination if the window would be covered under mfr's vehicle warranty. i took the vehicle in on september 27th. awaiting an answer. *nm