Consumer Complaints

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 The front passenger wheel broke off at low speed. seems that the lower control arm (axle) just snapped in two. no other vehicles where involved, pot holes or curb. the wheel broke off pulling everything apart inside the wheel well except for the brake line. the truck landed on top of the wheel preventing it from flipping over. i spoke with chrysler dodge and all though admitting that the lower control arm should never break said that it wasn't a defected part because i hadn't had my vehicle serviced through the dealership . this was a very serious and dangerous problem. if it wouldn't have been for only doing 15mph when it happened it would have caused serious injury and possible death. dodge has a known problem with faulty ball joints but don't seem to care all though this may have been a preliminary problem leading up to the axle breaking in two. *tr
 Offset accident at approx 30 mph. hit parked car. damage to fender. passenger wheel broke off. also brake lines severed. result is loss of control and ability to stop. truck is at dealer for repairs. should a wheel break off so easily. what are the standards. i have seen at least one other truck with the same damage. *jb
 Right front wheel assembly separated from the vehicle causing extensive damage to the front suspension, bumper quarter panel. usaa insurance company paid for repair. have filed a claim with daimler/chrysler to reimburse for repair. have no response. *nm