Consumer Complaints

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 I own a 2006 dodge ram 2500 megacab with 5.9 diesel engine. the agency has received three reports of improper turn signal function. the complainants report that moving the turn signal stalk to signal a left turn can result in no flashing of the left turn signal but improper flashing of the right turn signal. likewise the same opposite improper operation occurs when moving the turn signal stalk to signal a right turn. the incorrect flashing signal appears at both the dashboard indicator light and at the exterior front and rear turn signal lighting positions. there are many complaints replated to this issue on the web and it is very dangerous. please advise
 The turn signal light will sometimes not work or work by itself, the wind shield wipers will some times not work, the truck has 200,000 miles on it the problem at this stage has not be corrected
 I have a 2006 dodge megacab 2500 i recently purchased. the turn signal multiswitch has a malfunction which seems to be a common problem. when i turn my left blinker on, the right signal will also blink and vis versa. the is a safety issue that can cause an accident.
 Use of left turn signal results in right turn blinker unless steering wheel is moved.
 Multifunction switch controlling the turn signals on my 2006 dodge 2500 megacab went bad. it turns on the incorrect signal, or both signals then trying to use the turn signals. from searching the internet, this is a very common problem.
 2006 dodge ram 2500, turn signal fault, turn on left directional, and right directional comes on very dangerous....... *tr