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1906/01/200610020154Roll-over valve may allow water to enter into the fuel tank. customer satisfaction notification f19. *tt07/28/2006

Consumer Complaints

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 Driving my 06 dodge ram mega cab 2500 5.9l diesel, the #4 fuel line cracked directly behind the nut on top of the engine. this happened in dec 09 and happened again in jan 11. this caused a few gallons of fuel to leak onto the hot engine which could have caused a fire due to the distance i had to drive (no services near for 15 miles in the middle of alaskan winter). truck was towed to the local dodge dealer and part was replaced since engine was still under warranty. this time the part is 64.00 dollars and labor is 130.00.
 There is an intermittent long start time on the 06 dodge cummings diesel (10 to 15 seconds). after first 400 miles the truck was brought back to dealership and in formed that approximately 1/3 of the time the truck has a starting time of 10 to 15 seconds, was told they had a computer fix. installed update and problem persisted. took back to dealer and was told dodge is aware of problem but has no fix. it is june of 06 and they have known of problem should have made me aware of this before i bought truck. *jb
 Have a 2005 dodge cummins, and a 2006 dodge cummins. they were built with an upgraded injection system, that has a one micron injector.. after a short time the injectors become plugged the computer system reacts by sometimes decelerating and other times the engine tries to run away or accelerate without your foot on the pedal, the times that happened was fortunately at a light with engine idling. this has happened to both the 2005 and 2006 trucks repaired by dodge no warranty repair at great cost they say bad fuel that is their standard line, met a guy yesterday who had 2004 his did this eleven times, bad fuel bad fuel he said all his friend were buying diesel at the same place, no problem. i own five dodge cummins pickups have never had this problem before they upgraded their injection system....*jb