Consumer Complaints

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 I noticed my a/c was not blowing air out of the vents, along with a loud humming coming from the a/c motor. i discovered the recirculating air door broke and it was laying on top of the a/c fan motor blocking the air from coming out of the vents. i have read and heard of several complaints of this happening to many other dodge owners. the cost is ridiculous to replace such an easy fix.
 Outsider air door/flap in the a/c system on my 2006 dodge ram pickup is broken which prevents air flow to the cabin. i removed the broken door flap, but now am unable to shut off outside air flow. this is dangerous to my family's health since i am unable to prevent outside exhaust fumes from entering the inside of the truck. apparently this is common on all dodge ram trucks in this make/model. replacing the flap requires removing the entire dash and is very costly to have done by the dealer. likewise, people have had it replaced multiple times and it continues to break. the design is very poor - made of plastic and the hinge can easily break. it needs to be redesigned and recalled by the dealer.