Consumer Complaints

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 Re: possible dangerous leaking fuel tube dodge corporation dodge customer assistance center p. o. box 21-8004 auburn hills, mi 48321-8004 tel: 800-992-1997 13 october 2009 dear dodge corporation, i am forwarding a copy of this letter to the nhtsa, aaa, consumer reports and cppb. on october 10th while returning home from pasadena i detected a strong scent of diesel in the cab of my truck. it was especially strong as i slowed after traveling several hours on the southern california freeway system. when i arrived home i investigated and discovered that the injector tube to the #4 cylinder was spraying a fine mist of fuel into and around the engine compartment and onto the firewall as well as being soaked into the hood insulation. i know that the diesel fuel is far less volatile than gasoline. i also know that atomizing it in a confined compartment that has high temperatures as well as a chance for spark or a shorted wire, such as the confines of the engine compartment, are an excellent location for a vehicle fire. diesel fuel is difficult to ignite but once it is burning it is difficult to extinguish. you and your expert engineers are aware of this. i found that the blue plastic retaining clamp that holds the injector tube in place and prevents vibration from damaging the connections or the tube itself was loose. the plastic clamp/retainer was securely held in place by the screw that passed through the device but the whole clamp would freely move around the tube and the tube would be able to move back and forth inside the clamp. this sort of defeats it
 I have an 05 ram 2500 quad cab hemi truck with 3,200 miles on it. since new the truck has had an erratic idle and would occasionally die when shifting from reverse to drive. the pcm has been flashed, the throttle body is projected to be replaced next. this problem is getting progressively worse as the truck recently stalled in traffic three times in a ten minute period. i will also be filling a similar complaint for my 05 hemi durango limited.
 Stalling. upon reading the ap article about dodge ram 1500 stalling i was compelled to write to add the same incidence occurring in the hemis. (we have a 2005 2500 series hemi). if you search under dodge hemi stalling you will find numerous complaints documenting incidents covering several years and dodge's flash solution. our brand new truck sat in their shop for 6 weeks awaiting the release of the latest flash to solve this problem. we have had no reoccurrance of stalling problems since the flash, but have heard of several dodge hemi owners who have experienced the same problem.