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Consumer Complaints

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 During normal speed on highway or interstage when a bump is hit the truck shakes violently until speed is reduced. this even has a phrase for it now death wobble. this started at first while pulling a trailer but now it has progressed to anytime a bump is hit on the road at speeds above 60 mph. speed must be reduced to <40 to stop the violent shake in steering.
 Tl- the contact owns a 2005 dodge ram 2500 quad. while parked the contact noticed there was power steering coolant leaking from underneath the vehicle. the vehicle was taken to the dealer diagnostics. the technicians stated the power steering line needed to be replaced. the vehicle was repaired. also, the transmission lines were cracked and needed to be replaced prior to the repair of the power steering. the computer in the transmission was reprogrammed. the vehicle was repaired. the contact stated upon purchasing the vehicle there were many failures. the manufacturer was made aware of the failures. the approximate failure mileage was 10,000. ds
 2005 dodge ram 2500 diesel 4x4 truck experiences frequent sudden loss of control due to front wheel shimmy (death wobble). received recall notice but dealer stated my vehicle is not included in that recall. there is a tsb (22-005-006)on it but it should be a recall.
 While driving over a flyover (onramp) to get onto i-40 my 2005 dodge 3/4ton truck hit a bump and the front end starting jumping all over the road, the steering wheel started shaking violently. i almost went into the cement wall which could have resulted in a accident and possibly severe injury. this has happened twice since the first incident. this is a real safety concern for me and possibly other drivers on the road. *tr
 I have a 2005 dodge ram 4x4 (3rd generation ram). when i hit an irregular road condition such as the transition from a bridge to the road, or a bump or pot hole, at speeds over 45 mph the front end on the truck shakes violently. it causes the entire truck to shake violently and takes a bit of muscle to hold onto the steering wheel to keep it from getting out of control. dodge has replaced (so far) the wheel bearings three separate times, they also replaced the entire steering linkage (tie rods, control arm ect..), ball joints at my expense to the tune of $1,200. they also recommended i put on a dual steering stabilizer which i did (cost $140). all of this and the truck still had the ?death wobble?. i then put on dual shock absorbers and filled the tires to 60 psi (10 psi over recommended) and the ?death wobble went away. it has been about 8,000 miles since i was able to make it go away and now it is coming back intermittently. i have had this problem intermittently since the truck has had about 38,000 miles. i have several friends with the same problem with their 3rd generation ram 2500 and 3500 series 4x4?s. dodge recognizes that there is a problem but does not know what the cause is. they have issued tsb # k15782911. i have had my truck in on this tsb and i believe the work was done but the death wobble remained until i put on dual shocks and excessive tire pressure. this condition causes the entire truck to shake violently. my wife has driven off the road when it happened to her. the only way to make it stop is to slow down to a crawl quickly. it is a recurring problem that is happening to a lot of owners. i think the front axles on these vehicles should be recalled. *tr
 Massive uncontrollable shaking in the front end of my truck. i can not drive my truck over 50 miles per hour without fear that i will loose control if it starts to shake and not be able to get it off of the road without rolling it or hitting another vehicle. it does this any time you hit a bump or go over an extension joint in the road. i have replaced the front end bearings, all 4 shocks, had a front end alignment and put new tires on it. *tr
 Tie rod end broke while driving down interstate. new updated steering parts were put on at my expense should of been notified of updated steering. there is a dozen other trucks with same set up that of done the same thing. it was a near miss of a really bad wreck driving down a smooth interstate it should of never happened. *tr
 At speeds over 50 miles per hour if the truck hits a pothole or minor bump in the road, such as bridge seams, the front of the vehicle shakes violently. occurs continuously. the dealer statedit has the off road package which makes it unstable? my mechanic repeatedly balanced and rotated the tires but the vehicle still shakes until the speed is lowered below 40 mph. he has not found any defective parts but at the rate of shaking it is bound to break front end parts. occured more often when the truck was brand new and decreased as the tires wore. after the tires were replaced the problem is critical. the new tires are the same as the original equipment.