Consumer Complaints

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 I purchased my 2006 dodge 2500 4x4 brand new in 2006. my truck is in great condition except for two major a/c went out in dec. 2010 it was replaced with another defective one which was imediately replaced again. dealer did not replace the flapper under dash. i took truck in nov. 2011 the windshield would get extremely foggy and a noise would come from under dash when i put a/c on high, dealer said it was the flap that would control where the air is directed. they wanted 800.00 to replace a 34.00 part. i told them that should have been fixed when they replaced a/c. dealer said it still would not be covered under warranty anyway. this is a serious issue when fog gets on windshield why does someone have to die before a part is recalled. i have to open my windows to defrost my windshield. the other issue is when truck is supposedly in park and you open the door the horn honks, dash lights turn on and off and twice it has jumped into reverse on it's own. the first time i was at the post office putting mail outside i was a bit to far from box so i put it in park, opened door jumped off and truck jumped into reverse luckily i'm a small person and was able to jump in and step brake. this has happened about three times. the park does not engage properly because at heb i put it in park turn off truck went in store came back to turn on truck. it wouldn't start and it was in park. i had to put it in neutrel to start it. another customer came to see what was wrong i tried to put it in park again and it wouldn't go after about to more attempts it went into park i took it to dealer and they could not duplicate problem so nothing was done. i have reported it here so if something happens at least it was reported, if dodge doesn't do anything they will if more people see that others are having the same problem.
 2500 2006 dodge truck, multifunction switch controls wiper function will stop working during rainstorms while driving, resulting in a dangerous safety hazard, dodge needs to have a recall now! i have had 2 near misses!
 Tpim failure causing loss of trailer brake controler lights and trailer lights stay on after key is turned off. there hasn't been an accident as of 4/12/11.
 2006 dodge 2500 / turn signal problems
 I have 2006 dodge ram 2500 trx4, i started having problems with my rt rear turn signal approx 2 months ago. thought it was bulb, wasn't! i took truck to local auto electric shop, was told on dec 14th, 2010 that the problem was the entire fuse block that controls the turn signals. he called dodge dealer and was told that the part would run over $700 and that there were 200 already on back-order! now, jan 3rd, 2011 when i push on brake the rt rear light flickers/flashes as if the turn signal is working. i don't believe that $700 plus labor is acceptable from dodge, and even if i ordered the part they can't tell me when it would deliver due to large back log on them. it seems to me that there is a major issue and i think that there should be a recall issued by dodge.
 I was changing lanes on the interstate in minneapolis mn in heavy traffic and when i activated the left turn signal, the right turn signal flashed. i did catch it and didn't switch lanes. obviously a safety concern. the problem has been coming and going for two days now and i plan to bring it to a dealer this weekend. when this does happen i can activate the four way flashers and the left turn signal does work. i dont know what the problem is but hopefully there is a fix for it.
 2006 dodge ram 2500 windshield wipers stopped working in a rain storm on the freeway. took to dealer and they replaced the tipm. 1 week later my horn didn't work dodge said it was a faulty tipm. i fear the tipm has failed again since i am having power issues with my lights and radio again.
 Tipm issue when left turn signal is activated no response to wiring harness. which also would not activate trailer brake light due to no input from left signal. i think this is a problem when other drivers can't see brake lights all due to a bad tipm. was told the dealer will replace for $700. my opinion with so many 06 dodge 3500 with same problem this should be recalled. talked to other owners who have been to dealer and there is a wait for back order due to many others having same problem. *tr
 This is an on going issue with my 2006 dodge ram 2500 . when driving at night sometimes when you switch the headlight from low beam to high beam they will completely go out or one side will go out. also sometimes when you turn on your left blinker your right blinker will come on. the dealer told me that this was from hauling trailers with bad wiring. i don't understand how a trailer that is not connected to my truck can effect the lights. my truck is no longer under warranty and there is no way for me to diagnose this problem. (you must have a chrysler computer to see what the controller is doing) i thought there were laws to protect consumers from manufacturers of cars that prevented them from making control systems that consumers could not access. *tr
 2006 dodge 2500 turn signal issues. malfunctioning turn signals turn left signal on,and right signal comes on and vise versa and sometimes neither will come on. *tr
 The turn signal (multi-function) switch in my 2006 dodge 2500 is malfunctioning. when i turn on my left turn signal the right turn signal will flash and sometimes the left as well. the same thing happens when i put on my right turn signal, the left turn signal will flash. i have had two very close calls with this, the most recent while pulling a 34 foot fifth wheel trailer. i have seen numerous complaints about this on the diesel truck resource web page and some of the stories are of very serious close calls. this needs to be a recall. *tr
 I have a 2006 dodge ram 2500 and have experienced a problem with my turn signals not working correctly and sometimes not working at all. i was turning left the other day and looked down to see that my right signal was flashing. of course my warranty just ran out so i'm sure the dealer will not cover this. my concern is that this is a safety issue and should be a recall on it. i am part of a dodge forum and of guys on there have the same problem. thought writing in may help with this issue cause the people who is in charge of this may not be aware of this safety issue. *tr
 The turn signals are indicating the opposite of what i'm selecting. if i select a left turn the instrument panel shows a right turn, when exiting the vehicle the same is indicated on the front and rear signal indicators. if i select a right turn i don't have any indicator on the instrument panel or on the exterior lights. *tr
 2006 dodge ram truck with a long list of problems**cc the consumer experienced numerous problems with the vehicle such as ignition switch malfunctions, the ignition would not lock, shift lever, exhaust smokes excessively, the engine shutters and shutdown, transmission shifting improperly primarily in 2nd and 3rd gear, there were times when the consumer could not get the vehicle out of park. the head lights and tail lights come on and go off, the electric locks malfunctioned, various problems with the cab lights, the instrument cluster failed. *jb