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 I have 2006 dodge ram 2500 trx4, i started having problems with my rt rear turn signal approx 2 months ago. thought it was bulb, wasn't! i took truck to local auto electric shop, was told on dec 14th, 2010 that the problem was the entire fuse block that controls the turn signals. he called dodge dealer and was told that the part would run over $700 and that there were 200 already on back-order! now, jan 3rd, 2011 when i push on brake the rt rear light flickers/flashes as if the turn signal is working. i don't believe that $700 plus labor is acceptable from dodge, and even if i ordered the part they can't tell me when it would deliver due to large back log on them. it seems to me that there is a major issue and i think that there should be a recall issued by dodge.
 2006 dodge ram 2500 turn signal issues. malfunctioning turn signals. turn left signal on and right signal comes on intermittently. sometimes neither side turn signals work. moving tilt steering column seems to temporary fix the issue. nearly had an accident while making a left turn and right blinker went on instead, vehicle following passed on the left hand side of truck because they saw the right hand turn signal flashing. dodge has a tsb for this problem on the ram 3500, so they know what is wrong. however, they refuse to admit there is a problem on 2500 rams, and it should be forced to mandatory recall on both vehicles. there are several reports of other dodge ram 2500 with same problem in other online forums, and i personally know of someone with same problem on their 2006 dodge ram.
 This is an on going issue with my 2006 dodge ram 2500 . when driving at night sometimes when you switch the headlight from low beam to high beam they will completely go out or one side will go out. also sometimes when you turn on your left blinker your right blinker will come on. the dealer told me that this was from hauling trailers with bad wiring. i don't understand how a trailer that is not connected to my truck can effect the lights. my truck is no longer under warranty and there is no way for me to diagnose this problem. (you must have a chrysler computer to see what the controller is doing) i thought there were laws to protect consumers from manufacturers of cars that prevented them from making control systems that consumers could not access. *tr
 2006 dodge 2500 turn signal issues. malfunctioning turn signals turn left signal on,and right signal comes on and vise versa and sometimes neither will come on. *tr
 The turn signal (multi-function) switch in my 2006 dodge 2500 is malfunctioning. when i turn on my left turn signal the right turn signal will flash and sometimes the left as well. the same thing happens when i put on my right turn signal, the left turn signal will flash. i have had two very close calls with this, the most recent while pulling a 34 foot fifth wheel trailer. i have seen numerous complaints about this on the diesel truck resource web page and some of the stories are of very serious close calls. this needs to be a recall. *tr
 2006 dodge ram truck with a long list of problems**cc the consumer experienced numerous problems with the vehicle such as ignition switch malfunctions, the ignition would not lock, shift lever, exhaust smokes excessively, the engine shutters and shutdown, transmission shifting improperly primarily in 2nd and 3rd gear, there were times when the consumer could not get the vehicle out of park. the head lights and tail lights come on and go off, the electric locks malfunctioned, various problems with the cab lights, the instrument cluster failed. *jb