Consumer Complaints

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 I have been watching the news recently and saw the jeep death wobble reports. i have the same experience and same problem with my 2006 dodge ram 2500. i almost got into two accidents on the high way and once my truck lost control due to the death wobble and turned 180 degrees on the highway facing oncoming traffic. but, luckily no one was hurt. i took the truck to see what the problem was and the mechanics said i have to pay a couple thousand to repair. however, the mechanic said he has seen many jeep and dodge have the same problem and said the company should have a recall because it is extremely dangerous and it is the manufactures fault. due to hard economic times i can not afford to fix my truck and i am very scared for my safety and my families. so please help me in this terrible situation along with other dodge ram and jeep owners. this is very common problem and can be seen all over the internet, youtube and the news. i look forward to hearing back from you and getting help.
 Unbearable noise and vibration comes from dash area when a/c or heater fan switch is turned on to the high position. took truck to the dealership and they diagnosed it as the blend door being broken. truck just went out of warranty so dealer wants approx $700 to fix the problem. with the blend door not working properly, this will cause the windows to fog excessively in the winter as the blower can not be turned on high to clear them. additionally, summertime driving here in the south gets extremely hot and the a/c system will not cool properly on the low setting. researched the problem on the internet and found this to be a common problem in that year model truck as the blend door is not engineered properly. the problem was cured in the 2007 model.