Consumer Complaints

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 A went in the defroster sytem that activates the fresh air or in cab circulation system failed at the pivot point. the door then fell over the fan at the bottom of the system which doesnt allow any air to flow out of any vent. i live near minneapolis , mn and this happened in august so there were no issues but if this had happened during the winter the defrost function would not have worked which is something that drivers in minnesota rely on every day in the winter to be able to see out the windshield.
 I purchased a $34,000.00 dodge 2500 diesel pickup around august of 06, 16 months later the heater defroster, and all heater controls as well as air conditioner controls stopped working. chrysler knows of this problem, because they have sent out flyers to all their mechanics and have available a kit that is supposed to fix the problem. without a defroster it's pretty nerve racking to drive this vehicle. but if chrysler can get out of the recall and charge the consumer $861.00 to fix their problem they are way ahead of the game. i have talked to many, many people with the same problem so its not an isolated situation. chrysler will not even talk to you about the problem. *tr