BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
08270009/29/20006092304Subject regarding non-deployed airbag handling procedures. *tt12/04/2000
97091908329709/19/199754423Authorized airbag deactivation for medical necessity. *yc04/07/1998
08379911/12/1999081798C6089800Daimlerchrysler corporation is now offerinb airbag on / off switches for selected vehicles. *tt02/25/2000
08179812/30/1998603153Subject regarding airbag on - off switches. *yc02/05/1999
081798 REV B09/18/1998081798 REV A602450Subject regarding the airbag on-off switches. *yc11/05/1998

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Airbag panel broke loose, can see the airbag components, can easly deploy without warning. *ak
 I am filing this complaint with respect to a 1995 dodge stratus. the dodge stratus is equipped with a device which i assume is tied in with the car's electronics or computer. the purpose of this specific device is to monitor the operation of the car's transmission so that whenever the transmission is under stress or is not operating as designed or intended (or at least the the computer surmises that the transmission is not operating normally or up to standard), the computer whenever that occurs automatically downshifts the dodge stratus to 2nd gear without any prior warning or notice whatsoever to the driver and the dodge remains in 2nd gear until such time as the dodge is brought to a complete stop and until the engine is completely turned off. if you then allow the dodge engine to remain off for 3 or 4 minutes and then turn the engine back on again, the car will perform normally again and without incident at speeds up to 40 or 50 or 60 miles per hour until such time as the computer, once again, succumbs to the urge to downshift to 2nd gear. at that point, the driver finds himself in 2nd gear and with no viable alternative but to pull off the road and turn off the engine once again. to comprehend what that predicament is like from the driver?s point of view, one has only to envision yourself on the new jersey turnpike or the long island expressway in rush hour traffic with dozens and dozens of 18 wheeler trucks all going 55and 65 miles an hour when, out of the blue, the computer on the dodge stratus decides to downshift to 20 miles an hour and the nearest 18 wheeler truck is only 10 feet behind you and doing 60 miles an hour. in that scenario, the possibilities for a horrible and catastrophic accident costing dozens of lives is apparent---all because the onboard computer on the dodge stratus decided on its own to downshift to 2nd gear. *ak
 While driving at 15mph involved in a frontal impact with a pole. upon impact, none of the airbags deployed.*ak
 Impact of dodge into a 1992 chevrolet suburban at right angles was sufficient to knock tire off the opposite side of th chevy, demolish the front end of the dodge and fracture the sternum of the driver of the dodge (as he struck the steering column, restrained only by the seat belt), but neither air bag deployed. *ak
 My 95 stratus was involed in a front collision with a truck at or aroand 40 to 45 mile impact, and the bags did not work. *ak
 Vehicle was involed in a frontal impact accident, estimated speed of 20-25 mph. upon impact, both air bags failedto deploy. dealer notified *ak
 Vehicle was involved in a frontal collision at 30-35mph, and airbags did not deploy, resulting in minor injuries. manufacturer has been notified. *ak
 While in an accident, driver's air bag did not deploy. please provide further information. *ak
 Vehicle was involved in an accident when another vehicle drove in front of consumer. upon impact, air bags did not deploy properly. *ak
 The vehicle rear ended another vehicle and got rear ended from another vehicle while braking from 65mph, and neither the driver's nor passenger's side airbags deployed. vehicle has not been looked at yet. *ak
 Driving straight on a dirt road car pulled out in front from another street, applied brakes and the tires locked up, vehicle skidded into the other vehicle and the air bags did not deploy at all. *ak
 Consumer was involved in a frontal crash in which in air bags did not deploy. *ak
 During a frontal impact at 50 mph the driver's and passenger's side air bags did not deploy.*ak
 Driving home, rd being repaired, tire hit low shoulder, threw vehicle into rail, got vehicle on rd, vehicle spun & hit rail again, air bags did not deploy. *ak
 Consumer was in an accident both driver and passenger side air bags didn't deploy. please describe . *ak
 Daughter driving vehicle, roads icy, crashed into guard rail, front end was crushed, airbags did not deploy. *ak
 Frontal collision impact 12:00 speed 15 mph, dual air bags did not deploy. tt
 Air bag failed to deploy during an accident. tt