BulletinBulletin dateReplacement BulletinItem no.SummaryAdded
080100105/25/2001620059Subject regarding airbag / clock spring service for various models including 2002 model year jeep liberty. *tt07/10/2001
0800600REV12/29/2000080600618049Subject regarding wire splice repairs. *sb04/03/2001
083209709/19/19976088834Information regarding nhtsa authorized airbag deactivation for medical necessity. *nlm01/10/2000
18089702/28/199751991Sag/hesitation on acceleration, or engine miss. *tw07/17/1997
18109702/28/199718-15-96A52008Intermittent single cylinder misfire and/or mil illuminated. *tw07/17/1997
08029501/01/199539053No start of improper theft alarm actuation. *tw03/02/1995
08060002/25/2000609995This bulletin provides a revised wire splice procedure and related parts. *tt04/12/2000

Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Numerous failures-since i bought this 95 dodge stratus with only 30,000 miles. 1) engine making a knocking noise-i took car to the dodge dealership-buchanan & young in burnsville, nc and had a new head gasket put on. 2) i replaced the battery because the car wouldn't start. i also replaced the battery cables, so the car would start, but this did not solve the problem. i replaced the starter to try to get the car to start. i still often have to get out and peck on the starter with a screwdriver to get it to start---even after i had a new starter put on. date: 8-10-05 3) wheel broke off/car not drivable-parts to fix problem & mechanic's bill 4) had to replace flywheel 5) had to replace steering components i have spent approximately $2,000 to get this car with very low miles on it to start. *nm
 Vehicle experiencing sudden loss of power while driving. nlm
 Keep blowing fuses to the starter, catalyst converter needs to be replaced, had car less than 2 years failed pa state inspection twice in 1998 ,6/98 & 7/98, and 5/99. when inspected in 98 took to midas, was told that car would need to have $800 in repairs done to the brake line, was given a long list of things needed to be done, told dealer, they fixed one problem rear wheel cylinders leaked which made rear brakes go bad, dealer had another nissan dealer in pa to inspect was charged $60 to replace winshield wipers and inspect, car already had new wipers could not pass without them. winshield washer does not work did not know when car was brought told dealer, dealer said there would be a charge to fix only, had car for less than 2 weeks. car keeps cutting off when steering wheel is turned all the way to the left. when stopped car seems like it will cut off, had tune up by dealer to fix problem, still keeps cutting off. driver side floor mat gets stuck between where the floor and steering column meets, have to turn car off in traffic to release mat. needed power steering pump at 58,000 miles was replaced by dealer. tape deck makes irritating noise and keeps eating tapes. need to know can car be a possible lemon? had car only 18 months car has had thousands of dollars in auto work, brought car at 37,326 miles.
 Alternator belt noise.
 Krane chrysler has looked at car twice for this. replacing fuses about 4 times or more a week now. *ak
 Fuse burned out. fuel starter burned out (short circuit) when the engine started i replaced the fuse in multiple occasions. this is not a normal situation because at any time this failure occurs. *ak
 Request for refund for all repairs made to transmission that was in the recall .*mr the consumer's transmission failed prior to recall notification. the consumer request reimbursement for the cost of the repair. the radiator was replaced. the engine mount assembly was replaced. the ignition was replaced. *nm
 We are on our third trip to have our car repaired for stalling at any time or speed for the third time is there anything we can do thank you. no safety defect listed. *ak
 1. a/c past 3 tears has failed. control mode failure. a/c repaired 2x in warrenty. 2. abs sensor failed at 42000. 3.distributor failed at 90000 3. transmission-front pump seal started leaking at 90000. 4. spark plug ring seals(6) failed at 90000.
 Took car to dealership several times because of vehicle being hard to start, or stalling for no reason. no problems were found. no attempt was made to discover the problem. car would stall after being driven on hot day, stall while trying to make a turn, stall when stopped for light,etc., sometimes it would be hard to start. had to place my foot on the accelorator and quickly shift into reverse to get the car going. finally, after warranty expired, vehicle lost power while driving at about 30 mph and while engine had been sitting all day. the car could not be started. the dealership replaced the distributor at a cost of $900.00 to me. dealership no help. told that the car was too far out of the warranty eventhough i had reported similar problems during the warranty period. have had many other problems with this car as well. too many to list. almost all component are involved at some point. could nhtsa do anything. there seems to be a widespread problem. other car owners are having the same difficulty. i'm sure that eventually the cause of their cars stalling will end up being the distributor as well. *ak
 After coming to a stop and accelerating the vehicle stalls. the vehicle does not pick up speed when accelerating to pass a vehicle. the igniton wires have been changed twice. once by pep boys and once by the dealership. consumer is still experincing stalling prolbem. *ak
 Key stuck in ignition. told by repair shop that the shift cylinder is the cause of key being stuck.
 Wiring harness burned out/replaced. in addition, engine crank sensor failed, causing vehicle to stall/distributor cap and rotor malfunctioned, causing stalling. *ak
 When driving the vehicle stalls/hesitates and stumbles. *ak
 Intermittent stalling. *ak
 While driving car cuts off. gets to be a problem making a left hand turn. taken to the dealer seven or eight times. please describe details. tt
 While driving vehicle loses power with cause unknown by performance dodge. vehicle in dealership (5) times. please describe details. tt
 Car while in reverse the keys get stuck in the ignition and the air conditioner blows out hot air purchase car new there more problems . tt
 While driving, engine stalls in middle of highway lost all vehicle power; speed 20 mph and under. tt
 The vehicle has experienced computer problems which have caused the vehicle to stop while being driven. nlm
 This car has had 2 replaced computers and 2 oxygen sensorsthat i know of, also i have been to several shops including the doge dealer ships to see why the check ingine light is on and according to their machines there is nothing wrong with the car. but their is something wrong with this car, after driving if on a hot day once you turn off the car and let it set , when you go to start it agian it will not start it acts like it has no gas, it starts popping and dieing out, it almost seems like it is vapor locking. i was told these car do not vapoor lock , but this one sure act like it . i have been back to the dealer ship i bought the car from and they have worked and worked on this car for the same problems and nobody can figure out what the problem is ! i am trying to find out any information on this car that i can , maybe there was a recall before i bought the car and the orginal owner never took the car in .
 Vehicle has been to 2 different dealerships. the first was freedom dodge of lexington and the replaced the abs modular. the problem we were having with the car is that we could be traveling at 55 mph or 5 mph and the car would stop running. resulting no power. freedom could not find the problem, so we took it to superior dodge and the did a software update to the computer and still same problems happened. installed a co-pilot and found the dist. cap sensor was bad. replaced, picked the car up and within 24 hours the car stalled 5 times. this vehicle has been in the shop now 9 times, going on 10. i need to know the next steps to take. this is a saftey issue. i could kill someone, or be killed in the vehicle. *ak
 Because of a bad control module the vehicle downshifted into second while traveling at 70 mph. on the highway this caused engine to jerk, and the rpm go revving. also caused loss power steering. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 Spark plug wires failed and replaced.
 When consumer tried to start e engine ignition switch sometimes does not work, and she is unable to start the engine. *ak
 Vehicle stalls out while driving with no warning. *ak
 Tl*the contact owns a 1995 dodge stratus. while driving 65 mph, the vehicle shifted into first gear without warning, which caused the vehicle speed to decrease. there were several repairs performed on the vehicle to correct the failure; however, the failure continued to occur. the transmission was rebuilt and the solenoid was replaced on two occasions. the sensors and relays were replaced on numerous occasions; however, the failure continued to occur. the failure mileage was 63,000 miles and current mileage was 68,000.
 After parking the vehicle, went into the house, and a friend came to notify consumer that the vehicle was on fire. consumer stated that the permanent registration on the vehicle had not been received. *ak
 Vehicle in repair shop numerous times due to wiring harness melting and failing, causing a short to multiple components, and affecting the performance of vehicle/ hesitating. please describe details. *ak
 What i am doing is trying to get help; my vehicle is badly leaking oil, the recall is for galley plugs, but the dealer in phoenix says it is the head gasket and not covered by the recall, approximately. $900.00 to fix. the dealership said to me on the phone, at that mileage it won't be the galley plugs, it'l be the head gasket, that's what it always is with those stratus'(emphasis mine). what i am trying to understand is that if it is a common of enough problem for the dealership to say that, as well as a head gasket to be shot at such a low mileage, why isn't this just as much as a recall as the galley plugs, allowing me and i'm sure many others to be helped. can somebody please answer this request, i called the chrysler factory about this and they could have cared less. *ak
 There is a burning smell after driving on interstate. reported to dealer twice. dealer stated that there were two wires too close to each other which caused the covering of one to burn. dealer moved wires. burning smell continues. *ak
 Burnt wire caused fuse to blow.
 Wiring harness burned out/replaced. in addition, engine crank sensor failed, causing vehicle to stall/distributor cap and rotor malfunctioned, causing stalling. *ak
 I was on my way to my job and i may a full stop on a red light the engine stop so i proceeded to check the control panel to view any anormal signal. afterwards i turned the ignition on and put the car on drive, i turned right on the intersection . after driving about 100 feet the engine stopped again and when i try to turned it on there was a big explosion and a big flame came out from the engine. inmediatedly i got out from the car and some passbyers called the police and firemen. up to this moment i lack knowledge of why this occurred. the car was a total lost. i would appreciate any infor mation about this or any simiilar accidents of this car's trademark and model.*ak
 A cluster of wires under the hood, between the firewall and the engine, have corroded. this caused brake failure as well as failure to all dashboard lights. also car could not be hooked up to diagnostic computer.lucky for them i was only backing out of a driveway.
 Service bulletin. vehicle exibits oil leak, smoke coming from underneath the hood. resulting in vehicle fire. *ak
 Underhood fire while driving; exact cause unknown; vehicle totaled. tt the electronic fuel injection system failed. the fire was caused by faulty maintenance in the a/c. *yh
 No summary
 We brought the car back to dealer several times with no satisfaction. when we finally realized what the problem was the warrantee was over. i will never ever buy a car from saturn again, new or used.
 Vehicle has a problem with the brain modulator that runs the computer. it is causing the gas not to flow from the tank to the fuel injector. consumer says to get the vehicle started, consumer has to press the gas all the way to the floor, and hold the key however long it takes to catch. dealer has been contacted. *ak
 When the car is at an idle with ac on there is electrical shorts occuring under the hood, and smoke coming in through the vents. tt