Consumer Complaints

Fail datemilesoccurencesPurchase date
 Parking brake fails intermittently.
 Keep blowing fuses to the starter, catalyst converter needs to be replaced, had car less than 2 years failed pa state inspection twice in 1998 ,6/98 & 7/98, and 5/99. when inspected in 98 took to midas, was told that car would need to have $800 in repairs done to the brake line, was given a long list of things needed to be done, told dealer, they fixed one problem rear wheel cylinders leaked which made rear brakes go bad, dealer had another nissan dealer in pa to inspect was charged $60 to replace winshield wipers and inspect, car already had new wipers could not pass without them. winshield washer does not work did not know when car was brought told dealer, dealer said there would be a charge to fix only, had car for less than 2 weeks. car keeps cutting off when steering wheel is turned all the way to the left. when stopped car seems like it will cut off, had tune up by dealer to fix problem, still keeps cutting off. driver side floor mat gets stuck between where the floor and steering column meets, have to turn car off in traffic to release mat. needed power steering pump at 58,000 miles was replaced by dealer. tape deck makes irritating noise and keeps eating tapes. need to know can car be a possible lemon? had car only 18 months car has had thousands of dollars in auto work, brought car at 37,326 miles.